Alex Kidd In Miracle World
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9  |  Alex Kidd in Miracle World
jwhyrock , 4/13/2003 6:31:43 PM
”Alex I'd originally played Alex Kidd in Miracle World when I was much younger, and remembered the game with much fondness. I just recently picked up this title on E-Bay at a reasonable price, and I can say I have been really enjoying myself. Alex Kidd I guess I would call a platformer style game, but I can't really draw a comparison to anything like Mario, because this title is truly original. Now my memory may not be completely great, but I remember Alex Kidd as having excellent graphics at the time it came out. The dated style of the artwork doesn't bother me now, and I think the game looks great.

I won't go into a whole lot of detail about the storyline, but basically Alex's elder brother has been kidnapped by this baddie named Janken, and has been imprisoned in his castle. You're on your way to rescue your brother.

Alex Kidd has a super punch that destroys rocks and bad guys. You can collect money and items by punching out certain blocks. With the money you get you can purchase different items and vehicles at stores.

A major theme of the game is “rock, paper, scissors,” which you have to play to continue on with your quest. The music is quite good and not annoying (at least not to me), and as I said earlier the graphics were quite good. The different levels have a lot of detail, and the end castle is quite scary (at least in comparison to the other levels).

If you don't mind playing older games, I would most definitely recommend this game for your collection. I own a lot of newer systems, and yet I still come back to play Alex Kidd time and time again. The game has a lot of depth, especially for an older title.
10  |  Miracle game from miracle world.
christendo , 5/1/2003 8:13:33 AM
Alex kidd in miracle world is a classic. And in recent weeks i have discovered just how well it has stood the test of time. The reason the majority of MS owners would have experienced this game is because it came built into thier machine. Sega couldn't have made a better choice as AKiMW is a belter of a game, a true giant amongst men of the platform genre. Back in the day where everything in gaming was new and original this was, on the surface, another linear platform with three lives and no continues. However, the game was simply brimming with ideas, from swimming to motor cycling, flying a helicopter to playing paper-scissors-stone against a man with a hand for a head, AKiMW is vibrant, colourful and above all fun. It is also very challenging and stuffed full of secrets. Little Alex must battle his way across grassland, through caves, down mountains and underwater in an effort to save his (kidd) brother. There are several power ups at Alex's disposal including power rings that fire at enemies and canes that allow our hero to float up in the air. This game gets a christendo thumbs up!

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