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Gameplay / Overview
APB was published by Atari.

Story / Plot / Characters

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level skip
ozyr , 3/13/2003 12:54:34 AM
Hold down Option 1 + Option 2 and run into a donut or through the Donut shop. Your quota will be completed, and you can start the next level from the station.
Quick Refuel
ozyr , 3/13/2003 12:57:22 AM
Find the double gasoline pumps on Highway 12. Park between both pumps and refuel at double the normal rate.
Skip to Level 99
ozyr , 3/13/2003 12:56:12 AM
Complete your quota, then hold Option 1 + Option 2 at Officer Bob's parking space. The game will resume at level 99 with random quotas each time you complete the level.