Beavis And Butt-Head
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  • Viacom
  • Viacom
  • Adventure - General, Other
  • 1994
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  • $1.00
  • Teen
4  |  Muhheheh, Muhhehheh..."This Game Sucks, Dude!" Muheheh, Muheheh...
Darryl B. , 6/12/2006 11:42:00 PM
I figured at first I'd really get it for rating this game pretty low, as I saw a few raves of it on the net (for some reason), but then, upon looking around a bit more, I also found some bad reviews of it as well. So that's a relief, as I didn't like this game very much.

Beavis and Butt-Head (why the dash?) reminded me a lot of one of the many Alex Kidd games for the Sega Master System that I used to have -- I forget which one -- but that game was better, and it wasn't that great to begin with. Granted, there's been about a million scrollers created since the Dawn of Gaming, so this concept wasn't exactly new, but it still reminded me of one of those Kidd games anyway.

Actually this clunker falls under the puzzle category, as you side-scroll the two morons, picking up objects and avoiding enemies while trying to find pieces of your destroyed Gwar tickets, since God forbid those mischievous idiots ever get their butts off their couch to try to actually DO something for once and then find themselves with nowhere to go (even if it involves attending a bizarre theatrical heavy metal concert such as Gwar).

Unfortunately I rented this game at a place that used to be down the street, where they would toss out the instruction books (I assume) and add a sticker summarizing the gameplay on the inside of the rental box. A lot of times these stickers would miss crucial information as to how to finish, or just progress through a game, though, just like how I didn't know that Road Rash required you to go through the same race three times in order for the possibility to advance to another track. So I just went through the motions of a race, trying to not get pulled over by a cop and punching out what's-his-face when I passed him (who always comes in last place every single time) for good luck, not really knowing what the big deal was of the RR series.

Well, it didn't even occur to me how strange it was that the instruction book was actually INCLUDED this time around...until I actually read the damn thing.

The documentation of the game was really terrible, giving very few clues AT ALL as to what you're supposed to do: the packaging is the worst I had seen for any game, and it's doubtful you'll ever know what some of the stuff is that you pick up, as they're not explained (or even shown) in the instructions, and you can't always tell what they are by looking at them (therefore you probably won't know what to DO with them either). In your quest to finding your tickets, you run across several items, but you can't figure out what the hell they do, if they're used for anything, or if you can sell them to a resale shop owner, as every single time I tried to sell him some item (money comes in handy during the game) he'd make some stupid joke about why I needed whatever item it was (maybe because he didn't know what the hell it was either?) and he refused to buy it.

Ok, so hopefully the B. and B-H fictional fast food establishment of Burger World will earn me some much-needed money to feed the angry mob of customers inside (although I suspect the caption of "would you like flies with that?" on the back of the box probably wouldn't exactly help them). Well, there was some damn electronic security system asking for a blasted password to let me in, with, of COURSE, no clue whatsoever in the instructions as to what it was. So so much for that. (Ok, I'll admit that, years later, upon reading a walkthrough of this game, I felt pretty stupid that I couldn't figure out what it was, but still, this was just another severe fault with this game.)

I would only be able to find and gather a few pieces of my Gwar tickets, but others eluded me like the common sense of making a halfway decent manual: an old lady in a laundromat with a very deadly umbrella would beat the tar out of whoever was in the lead in the game (you can switch places with B. and B-H as to who's in the lead) until they were out of commission and it was game over. Neither Beavis' pea shooter, nor Butt-Head's farts (his line of defense, and actually Beavis usually burps) could bring down the old bag, among other situations in the game that I couldn't figure out what to do, nor how to get past, also surfaced. After all, at the time of adding this review, there have currently been three questions posted about this game in the Ask the Community section, which is a fair amount (some games never will have a question asked, let alone three).

It's even difficult to figure out exactly what age group is targeted here, as the game is pretty hard, and even minor things like the music sounding very muddy and the digitization of B. and B-H's voices aren't exactly a whole lot better. Even with dialogue from the show probably making B. and B-H fans happy ("Fartknocker!") can't make the game very funny (which it wasn't, which I was expecting) or even very fun, either (which I didn't think it was). Only thing I found ironically amusing was video game company Viacom making this and screwing up what was a fairly simple, could have been entertaining fellow puzzle game of Zoop, which they were rumored as to coming out with their own video game console back then as well. However, if their games like this and Zoop were going to be the norm for them, I would have laughed my butt off at them as they lost a fortune coming out with that console, along with a load of crappy software to "support" it (which I use that term loosely).

One thing I'm going to totally bow down from peer pressure on, though, is to give this game a 4, due to hearing how fun it supposedly is with two players, which I never tried out when I had rented it back in the day. However, that's not a high rating anyway, so it doesn't really matter. Maybe the game gets a little better as you uncover more of your tickets, but from what I had played as it was (and with other fellow bad reviews of today), I doubt that.

I'd say this is only for the hardcore B. and B-H fans that have to have EVERYTHING from the show.

You fartknockers. 4/10

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