Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
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  • Konami
  • Konami
  • Adventure - General, Other
  • 11/1/2001
  • 1
  • Memory Card
  • 1
  • $5.00
  • Mature
9  |  MGS2: a step higher for PS2
marvin_duran , 8/11/2005 12:21:25 AM
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (MSG2 fron now on), sets a new level for detail and quality on the PS2. As in MGS for PS1, this game starts with a cinematic view of the game, like a movie. And you get a glipmse of Snake walking on a bridge over the Hudson river, bungee jumping on a tanker ship, piloted by the US Marine Corps. Your mission? Take pictures of a new Metal Gear, ´cause you know work with a NGO determined to stop Metal Gear technology from spreading around the world. Of course the plot tickens when the ship is taken over by a group of Russian (the cold war never ends in video game land) soldiers and Revolver Ocelot, from MGS1.

One impressive thing here are the graphics and small details of the game. i.e. the rain drops on your eye when in first person mode, or how Snake sneezes when he's been on the rain for to long. The A.I. is also a great improvement. You can even choose a higher level of dificulty: if somebody spots, they don't come after you, the game ends immediately.

Another interesting twist here is that you get to play another character called Raiden, further in the game. Moves the same as Snake, it just makes the plot thicker.

Anyways, if you don't have the game already, buy it. It has recently been added to the "greatest hits" line, so you can purchase it for 20 bucks!
Splinter Cell is supossed to improve on the stealth stuff, but then again, MGS3 has just been anounced. I can't wait for it.

To end this, I rate a 9, ´cause some of the cinematics in the game, although cool, are somewhat long. That's my only complaint.
7  |  O.K. I'm hooked
Raindog , 3/31/2003 6:43:13 PM
I never thought I would find a replacement for Siphen Filter but I did. This game has me by the..... toe nails? I simply can't get enough. The character names are a tad cheesy (Snake, Raiden, FatMan) but other than that there are not many flaws.

The small details like the posters inside the lockers and the slippery bird droppings on the rooftops make this game that much better, and a little funny. I'm not finished with the game yet but I'm crawling my way through inch by inch.

There's a lot of dialog and film to sit through in order to really understand your mission - which kind of drives me crazy, but hey I guess other people dig that. The controls are a cinch. You have auto aim if you want, or you have the option to zero-in on anything you please like say... the HEAD!!! ha ha ha

The game "pauses" when you switch items, so you’re not getting your butt kicked while looking for something (like a box to hide in that you just happened to pick up in the last level).

You usually have the option to pause the game and call your colonel on the radio if you need some guidance. Also, through the game you pick up some other friends to help you along. I definitely recommend this game and give it a 7.

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