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Gameplay / Overview
Sonic Adventure is an action game for the Dreamcast, which can be played by 4 people. It was developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega.

Sonic Adventure is a commonly available game for the Dreamcast. It shouldn't be too difficult to find this game for purchase. In good condition, the game is worth about $6.00. Sonic Adventure was released on 9/9/1999. The save feature for Sonic Adventure is: VMU Save.

Sonic Adventure is rated E for Everyone.
Story / Plot / Characters

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Alternate Snowboards
ReporterJrummer , 4/13/2003 6:41:11 AM
Press X immediately before entering the snowboarding portion of the game to get a blue snowboard or B for a yellow snowboard.
Bonus NiGHTS Area
ReporterJrummer , 4/13/2003 6:43:07 AM
Drop in the top hole while playing in the pinball section of the casino level to reach another pinball machine. Place the ball into the middle hole to fly through a warp and reach an area based on NiGHTS.
Clone Characters
ReporterJrummer , 4/13/2003 6:44:37 AM
Play through the game (with all the characters) until Super Sonic is unlock. In Super Sonic's Adventure, go to the crashed island. You will see Knuckles and Eggman (Robotnik). After the FMV sequence, press A + B + X + Y + Start. Then, choose Knuckles. Return to the same place to find two Knuckles. Note: This also can be done with other characters.
Defeat Chaos 0
ReporterJrummer , 4/13/2003 6:45:30 AM
Get The Ancient Light. Do the Light Speed Attack on Chaos 0 and he will be defeated with one hit.
Full Pause Screen
ReporterJrummer , 4/13/2003 6:48:41 AM
Pause game play, then press Y + X.
Getting Every Emblem
ReporterJrummer , 4/13/2003 6:50:00 AM

Sonic: 30 emblems to collect in Sonic's Action Stages.
Tails: 15 emblems to collect in Tail's Action Stages.
Knuckles: 15 emblems to collect in Knuckles Action Stages.
Amy: 9 emblems to collect in Amy's Action Stages.
Big the Cat: 12 emblems to collect in Big's Action Stages.
E-102 Gamma: 15 emblems to collect in E-102's Action Stages.
Adventure Field: 12 emblems to find in Adventure Field.
Mini Games: 10 emblems to collect in Mini Games.
Chao Races: 5 emblems to collect in Chao Races.
Complete the game with all six characters to get 6 emblems.
This brings the total number of emblems that are collectible in the game to 130.
Hidden Art
ReporterJrummer , 4/13/2003 6:51:39 AM
Put the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find additional images from the game in the "extras" directory.
Iron Chao
ReporterJrummer , 4/13/2003 6:52:35 AM
Your Chao must first be evolved. Mate a Gold and a Black Chao and hatch it. Only one out of three eggs will be iron.
Mighty the Armadillo
ReporterJrummer , 4/13/2003 6:59:18 AM
Go to the past when the Master Emerald altar is on fire. Move the camera so Sonic is facing the screen head on. In the red light, he looks just like Mighty The Armadillo from Knuckles Chaotix game on the Sega 32X.
More than one Gold, Metallic, or Black Chao with one memory card
ReporterJrummer , 4/13/2003 6:55:42 AM
First, get a Chao that you want more than one of (whether it is the gold or silver). Then, bring the Chao to a Chao Garden and put it into your memory card. After it has saved, turn off your Dreamcast, then turn it back on. Go to the Chao Garden and take it out. Go back to the place where you got the Chao and repeat this until your Chao Garden is full or you do not want any more of them.
Pick Up People
ReporterJrummer , 4/13/2003 6:56:56 AM
Stand on front of a person and press X.

Power-Up Locations
ReporterJrummer , 4/13/2003 6:57:31 AM

Light Speed Shoes: Sewer in Station Square.
Crystal Ring: Elevator on second floor of hotel.
Ancient Light: On rock near bridge to Angel Island.
Rhythm Badge: Follow Tikal to past (it is on a pyramid)
Jet Anklet:In the sewer behind Twinkle Park.
Fighting Glove: In the cave near Angel Island.
Shovel Claw: On a cliff behind Big The Cat's house. Go to the Mystic Ruins and go to the ledge where you entered the level. Turn to your right. The Shovel Claw can be found right above Big The Cat's house. They allow Knucles to do an attack similar to Sonic's Homing attack.
Warrior Feather: Defeat Hedgehog Hammer for the first time.
Long Hammer: Defeat First Place score again.
Big The Cat
Life Belt: In the lake in the cave leading to Angel Island.
Power Rod: In Forest under Big's bed.
Lure 1: In Sewer Behind Twinkle Park.
Lure 2: In a cave in the Forest.
Lure 3: In the Icecap level.
Lure 4: In a prison cell on the Egg Carrier.
E-102 Gamma
Jet Booster: In the Ammunition Room of the Egg Carrier.
Gun Upgrade: In the room opposite the Ammunition Room.
Ruby Chao
ReporterJrummer , 4/13/2003 6:58:13 AM
Mate a Dark and Hero Chao. It might take a while, but it will eventually appear.
See Inside Train
ReporterJrummer , 4/13/2003 6:54:32 AM
To look inside the train, enter it and press the D-pad for any of the views. You will see what is inside, although you will not be able to move.
Spin Faster
ReporterJrummer , 4/13/2003 6:48:07 AM
Continuously tap XB to spin faster.
Tree drowns Knuckles
ReporterJrummer , 4/13/2003 6:53:40 AM
Go to that fat purple cat's shack. Climb up his tree until you see and hear a splash of water. Now go back down until Knuckles goes through the splash again. You will see bubbles coming from his mouth. Wait there until he chokes. Note: He is outside the tree the entire time. He will start floating in midair. If you keep climbing up though, you can fall through the top of the tree to an emblem.
What do you do after the Final Egg when you play with Amy in Sonic Adventure for Dreamcast?
11/26/2004 9:30:35 PM

(posted: 12/2/2004 5:34:33 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: go out side in the middle of the ship then you fight a kill him jump and hit him into the electiic wire his top opens hit his top 4 times.

after the final egg with amy, what do you do next? the other answer is confusing
4/28/2007 10:26:13 AM

(posted: 8/15/2007 7:10:04 AM) Answer Courtesy of stefanwarren: collect all the chaos emeralds and then you face super sonic

Sonic Adventure