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Codes & Cheats

Bonus Options
DaFuZzMaStA , 7/12/2003 12:28:02 PM
To unlock a few bonus options enter your name as TASCAS at the player name screen, then continue you can choose either male or female. When you start the game go to the options screen and select game config. Now you will be able to toggle the HUD, Cockpit and Player Assist.
The Ultimate Goal.
DaFuZzMaStA , 7/12/2003 12:27:44 PM
Want to fly as a Dolphin without the hasssle of of going through all of the missions. All you have to do is load the game, then at the Press Start Screen hold the L and R triggers and keep them pressed down, then press start. The announcer should say "ok good". This cheat should open up every mission and every craft including the buggy and the Dolphin.
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