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Codes & Cheats

Find Horace.
DaFuZzMaStA , 7/12/2003 12:26:18 PM
Find Horace near the blue steps in Piccadilly. Open the manhole, then let the dog do all the work to trap Horace.

Find Jasper.
DaFuZzMaStA , 7/12/2003 12:26:07 PM
When Jasper starts chasing you, run do not bark or fumble. Run to the beehive that Fidget showed you.
Find Lucky.
DaFuZzMaStA , 7/12/2003 12:26:36 PM
While in the house go behind the chair and push on the wall there.
Find Rolly.
DaFuZzMaStA , 7/12/2003 12:26:43 PM
Go in the kitchen and look in the cupboard.
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