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  • Genre:
  • Release Date:
  • Players:
  • Save Feature:
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  • Sega
  • AM2
  • Sports - Racing
  • 5/22/2001
  • 2
  • Memory Card
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Gameplay / Overview
18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker is a racing game for the Dreamcast, which can be played by 2 people. It was developed by AM2 and published by Sega.

18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker was released on 5/22/2001. The save feature for 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker is: Memory Card.

Story / Plot / Characters

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1000 Bonus Points
ReporterJrummer , 4/12/2003 12:19:28 PM
On the main menu select VERSUS, pick your truck and trailer and then press "a" Select Sea Side 1 as your game level, press "a",start of and when you get to and old ruddy looking building with a big garage crash it and it will say *Special* 1000 points

Engine Power-Up
ReporterJrummer , 4/12/2003 12:17:05 PM
Beat Lizard Tail from Dallas to Las Vegas
Extra Parking Levels
ReporterJrummer , 4/12/2003 12:10:56 PM
Finish all four parking levels to get a fifth and then finish the fifth to get a sixth level

Horn Power-Up
ReporterJrummer , 4/12/2003 12:14:23 PM
Beat Lizard Tail from New York to Key West

Lizard Tail Truck
ReporterJrummer , 4/12/2003 12:18:50 PM
Beat Arcade Mode on the Very Hard Setting with all 5 trucks: Long Horn, Highway Cat, Stream Line, Asphalt Cowboy, and Nippon Maru. He has a 5 in speed, a 3 in Torque, and a 4 in Toughness. He is the best truck in the game!!!
Loads of Cash
ReporterJrummer , 4/12/2003 12:11:53 PM
In the score attack mode when the rival smashes in the boxes hit them after he does, you get over $500 per box!
Muffler Power-Up
ReporterJrummer , 4/12/2003 12:15:24 PM
Beat Lizard Tail from St. Petersburg to Dallas

Nippon Maru
ReporterJrummer , 4/12/2003 12:13:52 PM
Finish arcade mode with all 4 original drivers to unlock a new character and truck.
on starwars battlefront two I saw a screenshot of a black clone can you get him in the game?
3/10/2006 8:14:11 PM

(posted: 8/3/2006 7:40:22 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: Sorry but he was only an NPC (non-playing character).