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  • Philips
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  • Adventure - General, Other
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  • YES. Anytime you like.
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Gameplay / Overview
Burn: Cycle is an adventure game for the CD-I, and is a single player experience. It was published by Philips.

Burn: Cycle is extremely rare. While this doesn't guarantee that the title is sought after by collectors, it does guarantee that the title is nearly impossible to come by, and is likely sought after by collectors desiring a complete collection for the CD-I. The save feature for Burn: Cycle is: YES. Anytime you like..

Story / Plot / Characters

What is the basic story line for Burn: Cycle? If you know, Click here to share the story of Burn: Cycle with other Stage Select readers!

Level select
mr_jiggles_13 , 8/28/2003 8:47:46 PM
While playing, choose the VIRUS icon from your inventory to display the "Save Game" menu. Choose SAVE, then save your game as one of the names below to warp to that level.

Code Level
CH_HART_END End of Hart Maze
CH_KARM Booth in Karmic Church
CH_HTEL_EXT Outside Cutter's hotel
CH_HTEL_INT Cutter's hotel room
CH_LOKB At Doc's door