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Gameplay / Overview

The Pinball Arcade starts off as an interface download with the ability to add dozens of games licensed from real pinball machines of the past.  Gameplay starts off free, but if a high score threshold is reached, then gameplay ends unless the table is purchased, which all games become full free games afterwards from then on.

Story / Plot / Characters

What is the basic story line for The Pinball Arcade? If you know, Click here to share the story of The Pinball Arcade with other Stage Select readers!

News Stories About The Pinball Arcade

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On October 8th - 9th in Northwest Houston, people can play coin-op video and pinball games all set on free play!
(7/6/2010 10:22:51 AM)
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Only a few weeks away, check out dozens of arcade machines set to free play!
(10/7/2009 8:09:26 AM)
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Sink your teeth into the list of games for this week. Among the headliners are Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and the Duke Nukem Trilogy.
(6/28/2009 7:10:07 PM)
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Attend the Best gaming show in Houston, TX - it's cheap fun for all!
(8/20/2008 12:22:40 AM)
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