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FAQs / Walkthroughs

Forbidden Woods Walkthrough
larsoncc , 10/9/2013 10:04:50 PM

**how to beat the forest dungeon in zelda the windwakers

Such a simple question.  SUCH an involved answer.  Well, here you go - my assumption is that you've made it past the Forest Haven.

First Floor (1F):

Room 1:
In the first room, you'll beat the tar out of 11 Green ChuChus.  Opening the chest in that room will give you the Dungeon Map, which will help you TREMENDOUSLY. 

The second room has a sealed door.  Chuck a seed at it to get it open.  Make sure you're far enough away from the door to keep the blue flower-like thingy open.  You can't open the door if the flower is closed.

Room 2:
Room 2 is huge and wide open.  You start in the South, and want to hop on the bud first thing.  Then, move to the North East and glide to the the next bud, which is on a narrow platform on the east side of the room.  Watch out for thorns, or you'll Fall Down (see following paragraph).

Falling Down:
You'll want to avoid falling into the basement.  If you fall into the basement, kick everyone's butt, and pick up a Deku Stick that is left behind.  Light the stick on fire, and toss it at the chest (you'll be able to open the chest to get a Knight's Crest).  Once you get the Knight's Crest, bounce on the purple thing to get back to the starting point.

Second Floor (2F):

Once you're on the Baba Bud (from Room 2, 1st Floor), you'll want to go to the North West bud.  You shoot out of this bud fly to the second floor - get to the room / platform just to the North.  Take the door.

Waste everything that moves.  Careful not to kick your own butt by hitting the bomb.  Take the bomb, and bomb the door with it.  

Room 2:
Use the Deku leaf to shoot a blast of wind at the wheel - this makes the cable platform move.  Jump onto the platform and use the Deku's leaf blast to move the platform.  Go through the door at the other end.  

Room 3:
Beat up everything in the next room.  You'll have to blast some of the enemies (the Peahats) with your leaf before you can beat them.  Go toward the Baba Bud in this room, and blast up to the stump - this starts the 3rd floor.

Third Floor

Go to the North end of the room, and shoot up to the ledge with the Baba Bud.  Ride on the mobile platform to the other end of the room.  Once you're to the other side, grab the seed that's behind the twigs.  Pick it up and put it on the platform.  Use the Deku leaf to move the platform to the other side again.  Pick up the seed and smash the door.  You've got to do this quick - the seed disappears if you don't.

Room 2:
In this room, there is another seed - this time, it's in the middle of the room.  Blow the seed to the other end of the room with the Deku seed.  Throw the seed at the flower to open the door. 

Room 3:
The next room is pretty big.  You've got to go almost all the way around it (left) to get to the next room.  Once you reach the ledge on the far right (East), look up and you'll see a branch to grappling hook onto.  Use that to get to the ledge, and then jump across the moving platforms.  The first door that you reach will be on the far side of the room, and it'll be locked, so don't bother.  Grab the seed instead.  Jump to the middle platform, then to the left platform - use the seed to open the door (chuck it at the flower).

Room 4:
There's nothing special about the next room / hallway.  Grab the chest, beat the bad guys, go on.

Room 5:
The next room has a bunch of vines that hate you.  Avoid them and go to the south.  There's a side-room that is sealed.  There's a bomb nearby, so blow the wood seal open.  You get the compass here.  You'll see the same situation (sealed door) near by, so do the same thing.  Chuck a bomb at the door on the small ledge.  Go in the door to get your key.  Now, use the Baba Buds and your Deku leaf to get to each of the platforms in the room - there's plenty of goodies. 

Room 6:
Go back through the room and the hallway, and into the room you were in before.  Go to the North platform, and use the key you just got to open the door. 

Room 7:
Beat the bad guys and cross with the moving platform.

Room 8:
Launch up in any of the Baba Buds to level 4 (the tops of the trees).

Level 4

Room 1:
Go to the door to the north.  There is also a chest at the top of this room that contains a joy pendant if you want it.  To get to it, use your grappling hook by the north of the room, and climb up the rope.  Grapple the next branch, then ride the platforms up.  Go to the small ledge when you're up here.  You might need to chop down all the vegetation around the chest.

Room 2:
The door slams shut, and you have to fight a TON of bad moths.  Cut their wings off and kill them.  Once you get through this, a small room opens up.  Go there and get the Boomerang.  Now to get back out of the room, you've got to boomerang the jewels above the main door.  Go back to room one, and go to the East door.  Open the door the same way (shoot the jems).

Room 3:
You'll have to chop down all the vines with the boomerang so that you can glide to the other side of the room with the Deku leaf.  Be careful not to fall down or miss, or you'll go down one floor.  Go through the door on the ledge.

Room 4:
Glide to the southwest.  Blow away all the leaves - this is another warp jar that you can use if you need to.  Look over the ledge and you'll see a big flower suspended by four ropes.  Cut the ropes with your boomerang, and watch the flower smash through the floor.  Go through the hole it creates.


Room 1:
Go through the door to the West.  This leads to a hallway that forks - take the north fork.  You'll have to take the three platforms that are covered with bad guys.  

Room 2:
Hop onto the hanging flower.  Take it to the ledge, and get the chest (rupees).  Cut down the flower with your boomerang.  Ride the flower down the big hallway (use your Deku Leaf).  Once you round the bend, there's grass, then a door.  Take that door.  The door slams behind you, and you have to go to the stump in the middle of the room to fire at the jems that are around the stump.  That'll open the room in the middle of the tree trunk.  In the room is a treasure chest with the large key.  Grab the key, fight the bad guys that pop up, and take the door that opens once all the bad guys are gone.  You'll have to use the grappling hook to get up to the door.  The door leads to the room that you started the basement in.  Activate the propeller and use your Deku Leaf to go up.  Only three more rooms to get to the boss battle!

You'll head East, and open the door by boomerang.  Once you get through the first room there is a long hallway.  After the long hallway, there's the room right before the boss battle.  You'll want to open the warp jar in this room first.  To do this, light a Deku Stick on fire, and burn away the branches on top of the jar.  Now go through the door for the boss battle.

Boss Battle:

Your buddy gets eaten by a big flower.  That's not cool!  The flower then uses some vines to attach itself to the ceiling.  Don't bother attacking the flower itself just yet.  You'll need to watch out for the vines that pop up out of the ground, and you'll also want to watch out when you see one of the tentacles flash yellow.  Run away when that happens.  So, if you haven't guessed yet...  The idea is to knock out all the vines that are attached to the ceiling.  After you get all of these vines cut, you'll have to attack the center of the flower ten times.  If your life gets low during the fight, cut down the grass for hearts.  Once you beat the boss, you'll get a heart container, and you and your buddy (well, the Deku Tree's buddy) will go through the warp to be reunited with the Deku Tree.  The Deku Tree then gives you the Farore's Pearl.  When you go back to your ship, be on the lookout for the post box.  It contains a thank you and another piece of heart!

Wind Waker Walkthrough, Part 1
DaFuZzMaStA , 10/9/2013 10:04:50 PM

Legend of Zelda: Windwaker Walkthrough, Part 1

And So it Begins:
The game starts off by telling the story line:
Long ago, there existed a kingdom where a golden power lay hidden. One day, a man of great evil found this power and took it for himself, and with it at his command, he spread darkness across the kingdom. But then...just as all hope had died, a young boy clothed in green appeared as if from nowhere. Wielding a blade that repelled evil, he sealed the dark one away and gave the land light. This boy, who traveled through time to save the land, was known as the Hero of Time. The boy's tale was passed down through generations until it became legend. And then a day came when a fell wind began to blow across the kingdom, and the great evil once again crept forth from the depths of the earth. The people believed that the Hero of Time would again come to save them. But the hero did not appear... What became of that kingdom...? None remain who know. The memory of that kingdom vanished, but its legend survived on the wind's breath. On a certain island, it became customary to garb young boys in green when they come of age. Clothed in the green of fields, they aspire to find heroic blades and cast evil down. The elders wish only for the youths to know courage like the hero of legend...
After this movie clip Aryll, your sister, wakes you up, and reminds you its your birthday, and you have to go to your grandmas house.

Outset Island:

Getting your Tunic:
Start to climb down the ladder; you can press A to jump down (don't worry you won't take any damage). After you jump down facing the ladder, face left, jump off the dock and swim across to the land. Go to the house one the very right and step inside. Talk to your Grandma and she will give you a Tunic to wear. Yes! Your first item! (Even though it’s not really an item).

Getting the Telescope:
Swim back out to the dock, climb up the ladder onto the dock, then climb up to Aryll's lookout (notice how all the seagulls flutter away when you walk up. I thought this was cool). After you talk to Aryll, she will give you her favorite item, the telescope. Take out your telescope and look at the mailbox. Then look up to see a huge Bird.

Getting your Sword:
There will be a short movie clip, showing Ayrll fall into the forest. You must go to save her! Climb down the ladder and swim the same way you went to your house, except go to the house closest to the shore left of your house. If you haven’t played Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask then you should listen to the guy that calls you before you enter the house. If you have played those games, ignore him; it’s just about L targeting. Once you enter the house, Orca, the old man with saggy tits, will train you to use a sword. After you get through the Training he will give the sword to you.

Saving Tetra:
Exit Orca's house and Turn right, go strait to the very other side of the island, and to the left of the house, and past the kid with the runny nose. There will be a winding path that goes up. Ignore the warning sign, and cut the trees with your sword. Keep following the path, and then cross the bridge. Enter the Forest. Go strait and go up the path on the right. Keep going strait and there will be a bad guy. L target and swing like crazy! Pass the big rock (you will need to go here later). Climb up the log and drop to the other side. Keep going strait and there will be a movie clip. Two birds that growl like my cat will drop 2 enemies. Once again go Crazy with your sword, and once you kill them there will be another Movie Clip.

Never ending movie clips/talking/finding your shield:
Ok here goes: Tetra will fall from a tree a pirate will come to her rescue, the pirates and link go outside link sees his sister, the bird takes his sister, link runs off a cliff, tetra saves him, link wants to go on the pirates ship, the pirates don’t want to, the funny looking bird postman tells them link saved tetra and the bird thought links sister was tetra, and the pirates say you have to have a shield. *phew*. Now go to your house, climb up the ladder, the shield wont be there, so climb back down. Your grandma gives you your shield and now you can go with the pirates. But before you go..

Getting the Bait Bag:
Go back to the front of the island. Look to the left of the big pirate ship, there should be a boat. Swim up to it and climb in. Once in, you can buy the Bait Bag. You're gonna need this for later. Fill the bag up with 2 pears, and 6 sets of bait.


Pirate Ship:
Now you are off to get your sister back and payback the bird with the pirates. After the movie clip, head into the door below the deck and go down all the stairs. Talk to Niko and he will show you how to get past an obstacle course. Now all you have to do is get past it yourself. It's not to hard if you've played a game like this before, considering i got it on my first try, but my sister had some trouble. Just make sure you don’t jump TOO far, over the platform, and this should be pretty easy. After getting across, Niko will give you access to a treasure chest, which contains a Spoils Bag.
Tetra should call you up to deck right away. Go up to deck, go to the other side of the pole and climb up the ladder, and talk to her. There will be a movie clip, where they will Shoot you out of a catapult to the...

Forsaken Fortress:
Watch out for the Spotlights:
After Tetra talks to you through that stone, walk up the stairs, go up to a barrel and press A. You should pick up the barrel and put it over top of you. Now walk up the stairs, and stop in your tracks if a spot light goes over you. Turn right, and go up more stairs. Once you are at the top of the stairs it is safe to get rid of the barrel. Go to the hall and turn right. Enter the door at the End of the Hall.

Your First Heart Piece:

Swing across the gap on the rope, and open the chest with the map in it. Drop to the floor below and press the switch that is surrounded by barrels. Go into the cell that opened, and look in the chest. DA DADA DADA! Your first heart piece!

In and out of Jail:
Now head down the hall on the right and walk into one of the guards to purposely get caught, this is the easiest way to get past this place. In the jail, hop on to the table and then jump onto the bookcase. Throw the pot away to find a hole. In front of the hole press the R button to crawl through it. You are Free! Head into the next room, and swing across.

Stopping the Spotlights:

Enter the door on your left, and when outside, head left again. Talk to Tetra and then head up the ladder. Throw the Pot with two sticks in it. Grab one of the sticks and beat the enemies like crazy! This will Stop the first Spotlight. Now go north (upwards on your map (Press right on the control pad to open your map)) Drop to the Lower Ledge. Go Strait up the Ladder ahead, throw the pot with the sticks, and once again GO CRAZY AND BEET THE CRAP OUT OF THE ENEMY. There goes the second set of spotlights... Go back down the ladder, follow the path to the lower level. Now head left along the corridor and enter the room, then open the chest with the compass. Swing across the rope and enter the next room. Go ahead and to the left, up the ladder, and once again beating the crap out of an enemy with a stick. No more Spotlights.

Getting past the guards:

Go back down the ladder and into the door you haven’t entered. Get over the gap, and enter the door. Go strait and head left, then push the crate off the ledge. Now drop down and push the Crate under the ladder, so you can get back up. Now climb back up and enter the next room. Grab the barrel and get past the guards, you don't want to get back into jail. When you’re past that, Follow the path and take cover in the barrel at the top. After you are passed the enemy, you’re safe, so you can get rid of the barrel. Follow the path until it stops, then go up to the wall and hold A slide along it. Do this once more and follow the path again. Hey! the hero's sword. Take your sword and beat the living hell out of that guard. Step inside the door. Hey there's your sis! Just grab her and the game is over! oh wait.. there's that big bird and he's coming right at me and OH GOD!

Windfall Island:
Quest For the sail:

You find out that a weird talking boat has taken you to Windfall Island, and he wants to help you on your quest, but first, you must find him a sail. Go strait past the girls and the flowers, then through the archway/thing that looks like part of a castle, up the path until you see a big wooden counter with a guy that’s dressed like an Eskimo behind it. Talk to him and he will sell you a sail. If you don't have enough money, go to the right of the counter, down a little ways and there will be an opening that leads to a dock. One of the pots on the dock has a red rupee in it. Hint: Don't go looking for fun in the place with the red door, especially if you don't know what compensation means, because you'll end up finding out the hard way. Now that you have the sail you can choose to go back to you're boat or you can get 2 heart pieces and a few items.

Heart Piece # 2:
Go to the building with the windmill/Ferris wheel sitting on top of it and enter the door. Talk to the guy with the funny hat and he'll explain the game to you. It's ten rupees to play, and if you do play you get to see the guy to some really funny stuff. If you win the first game, you will be rewarded a heart piece.

Tingle Tuner:

Go up the hill the way you did before, except instead of going through the archway, turn left and up a hill. Walk past the wooden path, up to the dancing Elvis guy, and turn around. Enter the door that you'll see. Break all the pots to find a switch, which will open Tingle's cell. Tingle will give you the Tingle Tuner and a Sea Chart that can direct you to his island, and some farie islands. You can leave now and go talk to your boat unless you want the...

Heart piece #3:

Go to the building opposite of where you play battleship and enter it. Talk to the teacher a few times, and say we have to talk. Leave and talk to the leader of the big group of kids. Play hide and go seek with them. One will be on a tree near the archway near the dock. One will be on the very side of the island behind the bomb shop. One will be behind the grave in front of the dancing guy. To get the last one go left after going through the archway next to the school. After you get them all they will give you a Heart Piece. Now you can go get the..


When tingle leaves, go into his cell and roll into the crate or pull it away. Crawl into the tunnel maze and find your way to the end. The directions are: Right, Left, Straight, Right, Left, Straight, Left, Right, Right, Straight, Right. When you get to the end of the maze, you will find a treasure chest with a pictobox in it.
Warning: do not turn into places that have wood, or evil little mice will make you pay.

Now make your way back through the maze and exit to outside.

Be Lenzo's assistant:

Go left around and up the wooden ramp, and then through the archway. Look for a door with a Camera above it. Go talk to Lenzo, go upstairs and look at all his pictures, then leave the place and go back in. Talk to him again and he will ask you to be his assistant. You need to take a picture of a few things.

First, you have to take a picture of someone mailing a love letter. Go to the dock and stand on the very end of it. Take out your camera and aim it at the mailbox. Now wait, for Garrickson (a funny guy in red) to go to it. Take a picture with his full body, the letter, and the mailbox. Go back to Lenzo, and give him the picture (take out your camera while you are in front of him and select the picture). Now it is time for your second task.

To take a picture of someone scared, go to the left of Zunaris shop (the guy you got the sail from) and up the stairs into the cafe. Take a jug and through it at the guy sitting at the table. Now take a picture of his whole body while he looks scared. Show it to Lenzo to get your next task.

Leave, and go right. Go through the first and second arch and then turn around. Aim your camera at the lady in orange and wait for a man to talk to her. Take a picture of them both to pass the final test. Go back to lenzo, he will give you a joy pendant and ask you for a firefly. We will get to that later.

Now go back to you boat, and follow the wind to Pawprint Isle.


Pawprint Isle:

Getting the Sea Chart:

On your way to Dragon Roost Island, halfway there will be another island. Go up to the jumping fish and get the Sea-Chart for Pawprint Isle.

Heart Piece #4

Go on the island and to the back of the blue and white thing. Crawl into the hole and into the grotto. Go through the cave to receive a piece of heart. Don't worry about those rocks, nothings behind them but a joy pendant, and you don't have bombs anyways. yay! You get an extra heart before the first dungeon!

Treasure Chart #34:

Somewhere around this island there should be a weird looking boat, go up to it and talk to the person on it (you have to be in your boat to talk to them). They will give you Treasure Chart #34.

Dragon Roost Island:

Getting the Windwaker/Learning the Wind Requiem:
Once you get here the King of Red Lions will give you the Wind Waker, and he chews on it a bunch too. When he gives it to you, you can practice with it, wondering where in the heck the music is coming from. After you've practiced with it a bit, go strait through the tunnel and swim out to that island. Go to the stone on the left with the directions for a song on it. Pull out the Wind Waker and play the song. Once you finish, a funky looking frog floating on a cloud, the Wind God, Zephos, will have a bit of chat with you. He'll tell you about his brother Cyclos, and how the smashed stone was once his.

Getting into the mountain:
On the island, Blow up each rock, one after another. Sidle across the ledge and then blow up the rock under the two blocks. Jump down to the lower area, and pull out the lower block. This makes it easier to get back up later. Climb back up, and fallow the path. At part of the path the postman you saw before will talk to you. Once you Enter the mountain the Chieftain will talk to you and the postman will give you a Delivery Bag.

Delivering a Letter:

Run up the path and go to the first room on your left and talk to Medli, who will give you a letter for the prince. Jump back down and go opposite way that you entered. Go left down the stairs and into the prince's room. Give him the letter.

Making Money:

If you need rupees go to the second floor and talk to the postman behind the desk, you can get money for sorting letters. The first time you do it, if you break 10 letters, you'll get a Rupee for every two letters. The second time, if you pass 20 letters, you'll get a Rupee for every letter. The third time, if you pass 25 letters, you'll get three Rupees for every letter.

Helping Medli:

Go down to the main level and go into the passage with the Rito guard standing next to it. Jump down and talk to Medli, and she'll ask you to get her up on the other side. The easiest way to do this is use your new song on your Wind Waker and change the wind to north. Go onto the rock (the small one not the big one) and through Medli at the other side and she will get on top. In return for this she will give you a bottle.

Getting into Dragon Roost Cavern:

Go to the rock (big one this time) and use your bottle to get water from beside it. Go up to the entrance and poor it on the withered plants, and they will turn into bombs. Use one of the bombs to blow up the rock. This is hard because the bomb will go out if it lands in the water beside it, so what I did was wait a while and then throw it so it would blow up in mid-air. The water will fill and you can swim to the other side. Use the bombs and throw them in the pots so the statues fall over and work for stepping-stones. Go strait to enter Dragon Roost Cavern.

Dragon Roost Cavern:

First key:
The first room is pretty simple. Pull the statue on the left up, then go behind it and pull the middle statue over. This will bring you to the second part of the room. Go crazy on the enemies and when they die they will drop their sticks. Pick one of the flaming sticks up and light the two torches. If you're too slow and the sticks aren’t on fire anymore then you can light them on the other torch. Open the chest to get a key and then go out through the locked door.

Main Room:
Go straight, and then left along the wooden platforms. Jump across the first gap and jump down on the second. Pull the block back up, climb on it, jump on the wooden platform, and continue on your way. Be careful over the next few gaps, because lava flies up. Kill the bats while crossing the bridge and then use the bombs to blow up the rock. Enter the next Room.

Lava Room:
Take one of the pots filled with water, and through it in the lava on the left. Open the chest with the map, then turn around, go to the very left, and jump to the other side. Go halfway up the ladder and one of those funky red blobs (forget what they are called) will jump down, then climb up all the way and enter the door.

Key Numba 2:
Go strait to the boarded up path and a guy will jump out, breaking the boards. Kill him and then take his weapon. Break the next boards blocking the next path, then turn left. Climb up on the ledge and kill the two red chuchus (I remember what they are called!) and then break those boards with the enemy’s sword. Open the chest, Grab the key, Then Exit to the left (the way you didn’t enter).

Main Room(not for the last time):

Pick up a pot, and through it at one of the bombs at the wall. The rock will blow up. Go straight and up to the locked door, and enter it.

Play With Fire:
Go Strait and kill all four red chuchus. Go to the left and kill the guy that jumps out of the wall. Take is Stick, light it on fire with the torch, and then light the wooden wall on fire. Step on the switch and then go outside.


Go across the bridge and kill the enemy. Climb the ladder. Watch out for the lava flying out at the middle of the ladder. Kick the crap out of the bird, then go to the left side of the rock. HANG off the ledge (don’t jump on), and slowly move to the other side. Climb up when there’s a space to and climb up onto the other ledge, then throw the bomb at the rock. Now go into the door that was behind it.

Inside(couldn't think of anything else:

At the giant tower of blocks, pull out each bottom block and then climb to the top of them, and go through the hole. Go to the left of this next room and pull the block out of wall. Climb on top of the ledge, go right, and open the chest. Go back where you first climbed on the ledge and look for a vase with sticks in it. Break the vase and then take one of the sticks, and light it with the torch. Through it at the wood wall on the other side to light it on fire. Go get the treasure chest with the key on it, then open the locked door.


Turn right, and run up the stairs jumping over the gaps. Kill the bird and take the key out of its nest. Go through the door.

Dark Room:

Take one of the sticks out of the vases, and light it on the torch. Run through the pathway, and light the torch on the other end. Go to the left of the room with the torch in the middle, and open a chest with a Joy Pendant in it. Turn back around and burn the wood wall. Keep going strait, light the two torches, and go into the next room.

Main Room(second floor):
This room is Hard. Blow up the top of the vase and then run across the bridge. Open the door.

Pot Room:

Lots of pot.(not the plant).  There are a few of enemies hidden in pots in this room. Break all the pots to find the enemies. Here’s where I think they are: One on the pot on the ledge on the wall to the right of the door (Roll into the wall to make the enemy fall down). One is in the group of pots in the left of the room. Once all the enemies are killed, take a stick from one of them and light the torches. Open the Chest to get Treasure Map #39. Go through the door up top.

Lava Room #2:

First, you need to kill the centipede. Through one of the water pots at it, then go pick it up and through it back to the entrance. Hit it a bunch with your sword to kill it. Take a water pot, jump to where the centipede was and Wait until there is no lava shooting up. Throw the pot where the lava does shoot up. Jump on the platform you just made, wait for the lava to shoot you up, then jump onto the ledge and open the door.

Big rock room (I have no idea):

Take the bomb from the right of the entrance door and blow up each rock. One will uncover a warp jar and the other will uncover a door. Go through the door.


First there will be a short movie clip showing Valoo the dragon, He'll be going crazy. Turn to the right and run up the stairs, don’t fool around because the stairs are falling down. Once up, go into the battle arena and open a can of woop-ass on all the enemies. Now Medli is free. Go talk to her and she will give you the Grappling Hook. Go up the stairs, and use it to swing across the gap. Do the same with the next gap, then break the wooden wall and jump down. Now go into the room you came from.

A whole bunch of rooms in one paragraph:

Go back to big rock room and use the warp pot. In the first key room go strait and out the door. In the main room turn left and go strait to the Play with Fire room. Turn right to see a little thing hanging up to use your grappling hook on. Swing across to get Treasure Map # 11. Now go back to the first room. Go back through the Warp vase. When you pop out of a vase, go back in. You should be in the room you came from. Now go out to where you received the grapping hook, but this time, turn left, and swing across a few times to get to another door. Go through the door.

Bridge Breakin Time:

Kill the Moblin on the bridge, then go to the other side and kill the Moblin that jumps out of a vase. Now you need to break the bridge. Either light the enemies stick on fire (not what your thinking) and light the bridge ropes on fire, or break the ropes with your sword. Now fall down, open the chest with the Joy Pendant, and then go through the door.

Main Room:

Go on to the platform and use the spin attack to break all 3 ropes at the same time. After you fall, jump onto the ledge, then jump from platform to platform and climb up the ladder. Face away from the door and use your grappling hook. The door will be able to open now. Swing back onto the ledge and open the door.

Hall to/Boss Key room:

Use your grappling hook, then hold R to stop and turn. Jump onto the platform; use your grappling hook again to get to the other side. Open the door. Go up to one of the centipedes and when it is about to attack you, hit its eye once or twice with your sword. Now that it is a ball, pick it up and drop it on the switch, causing the flames to go away from the chest. Open it up to get the Big Key.

Go to the boss room:

Go back to where you got down (the platform that you broke the three strings on) and wait for the platform to go up. When it is going back down, jump to the ledge that you weren’t on (the one at the beginning that had a rock in front of a door that led to the room with the second key). If you don't manage to get over this way, you can walk all the way to the beginning of the dungeon or you can save the game and shut it off, then play again. Now head back to the first room and use the warp 2 times. This is the Big rock room. Use your grappling hook to Swing across the lava. Open the two chests to get 10 rupees and a Knights Crest. Before you go in, break all the pots and one should have a fairy, take out your bottle and grab it.

Boss: Gohma

Link looks up to see Valoo’s tail when ROAR here comes Gohma..

This boss is pretty easy; you should get away with only being hit once. First run around in a circle and wait for Gohma to strike at you, hopefully it'll miss. If it does, aim for Valoo’s tail with your Grapple hook. If you aim properly you can swing on it. Swing across just once and jump off. It doesn’t matter where you land. When the movie clip is over, and Gohma is still dealing with the big rock that fell down, aim up where Valoo’s tail will fall down and as soon as it does, use your grapple hook right away. Jump off as before. Do this one more time and Gohma’s shell will break. Now make sure you are on the lower level, L target at her eye and use your grappling hook. The boss will be pulled towards you. Use your sword and hit it three times. Do this once more and she's dead. Collect the heart piece (you should now have 5 hearts) and the rupees, then step into the middle.

Dragon Roost Island:

You will be warped back to the island where the prince will give you Din's Pearl. You CAN get 400 rupees at this time, but since your wallet only goes up to 200 there’s no point, you will need it later anyways.

Before Forest Haven:

Song of Passing:

Since your so close, you mite as well go to Windfall Island to get the song of passing (use your Wind Waker to change the wind to get here). Go back to where tingles jail is and up to the dancing Elvis guy. Talk to him, take out your Wind Waker and play 6 notes (don’t press any direction) and then he will teach you the song. If it isn’t already, play the song to make it daylight.

Bottle #2

Now go back to Dragoon Roost Island and then change the wind to south, and (obviously) head south. On your way there, find the fish and leave bait to get the sea charts for Fire Mountain, East Triangle Island, and Bomb Island. Stop on bomb island and talk to the guy looking through a telescope, he will show you a ship. Go over to the ship, and hop in it. If you kill all the enemies inside, you will get Bottle#2. Now head off to Forest Haven (press up on your d-pad and then look at the glowing spot, that’s where it is).

Forest Haven:

Getting inside:

Climb up the ledges killing all the Boko Babas (giant plants). Use your grapple hook to get across some gaps, and to kill any of those purple guys that shoot things at you, just deflect what they shoot at you with their shield. If it hits them they will die. After you get past all the obstacles enter the forest haven.

Helping the Tree:

Follow the stream up and around in front of the tree. Approach the tree's face and some chu chus will be on it. Roll into the tree to make them fall down, and then kill them all. Now the tree and the little leaf guys will talk to you.

Catching a fire fly/Getting the color pictograph.

Take your extra bottle, because you are going to need a fire fly for later. You want one of the big blue/white ones. Look for a big shining thing. Now CATCH IT! You need to bring this to Lenzo (yes that’s right, all the way back to Winfall Island). You must do this if you want the color pictograph, and you need the color pictograph to do one HUGE side quest.

Getting the Deku Leaf:

To the left of the face of the tree there will be a little purple bud.(it is like one of those boko babas before they come out of it). Jump in it. It will shoot you up. Now make your way up each one. Eventually you will make it to a leaf where you will need to use your grappling hook to jump in another one. Then just keep going until you make it to the leaf. TADA you have it now.

Getting into the Nintendo Gallery place:

From where you are there is another one of those buds. Glide to it, and then it will shoot you up, so you can glide to a ledge that should be strait ahead. Cut the grass to fill up your meter and then go outside. Change the wind to northwest. Then, face northwest, there should be a little island, glide to it. Talk to the funny looking guy. Now, take out one of your pears. Use the seagulls to find a switch on the side of the forest haven, and then press it. Now the gallery should be open and the ladder to it will be down.

Now go into the gallery, where you can get your first two models. First take a picture of the guy with the bag and the orange hair (remember full body!) and then show it to the man behind the counter. Leave, and play the song of passing 2 times. Rinse and repeat with the guy behind the counter. Once done both guys, go into the first room on the left to see your models in the very back right corner.

Getting into the Forest Haven:

Go back into the forest haven, and up to where you got the Deku leaf. Now look past the big tree to the ledge where there is an arrow made out of grass. Glide there. Go outside. Go up to the end of the ledge then change the wind to SW, then glide to the island that is to the south west of you. Now change the wind to NW. Face the front of the big ugly island thing. Now wait till the tornado is to the right of your screen and then jump. The tornado will make you fly high, now fly to the ledge on the front of the big ugly island. Watch out for those flying guys, and if they come near you, use the billow attack. On the ledge enter the big ugly island (also known as the Forbidden Woods).

The Sea - World Map
DaFuZzMaStA , 10/9/2013 10:04:50 PM

The sea is a 7X7 square grid. Each square is an area with one island or point of interest.

A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Here are all the points of interest, by list of coordinate:

Legend: Places marked with a.... "T" are places where time doesn't pass as normal.
"B" have Beedle's Shop Ship floating around.
"S" have an enemy submarine at that location that may have something good.
"E" followed by a number have that many enemy platforms, which may have good stuff.
"F" have a Great Fairy, or the Queen of Fairies.
"O" have a Big Octo, with a number following dictating the # of eyes on the Octo
"G" have a Secret Grotto, or two, in the case of Pawprint Island.
A1 - Forsaken Fortress T. . . . . .
A2 - Star Island . . .E1. . .G
A3 - Northern Fairy Island . .S. .F. .
A4 - Gale Isle T. . . . . .
A5 - Crescent Moon Island . .S. . . .
A6 - Seven-Star Isles . . .E3. .O12.
A7 - Overlook Island . . . . . .G

B1 - Four-Eye Reef . . . . . .
B2 - Mother & Child Isles . . . .F. .
B3 - Spectacle Island .B. . . . .
B4 - Windfall Island T.B. . . . .
B5 - Pawprint Isle .B. .P1. . .Gx2
B6 - Dragon Roost Island T.B. . . . .G
B7 - Flight Control Platform . .S. . . .

C1 - Western Fairy Island . . .E1.F. .
C2 - Rock Spire Isle .B. .E3. . .G
C3 - Tingle Island . . . . .O12.
C4 - Northern Triangle Isle . . . . . .
C5 - Eastern Fairy Island . . .E1 .F. .
C6 - Fire Mountain . . .E1 . .O-8.G
C7 - Star Belt Archipelago . . .E1 . . .

D1 - Three-Eye Reef . . . . . .
D2 - Greatfish Isle T.B. . . . .
D3 - Cyclops Reef . . .E1. . .
D4 - Six-Eye Reef . .S.E1. . .
D5 - Tower of the Gods T .B. . . . .
D6 - Eastern Triangle Island .B. . . . .
D7 - Thorned Fairy Island . . . .F. .

E1 - Needle Rock Isle . . . . . .G
E2 - Islet of Steel . . .E1. . .
E3 - Stone Watcher Island . . .E1. . .G
E4 - Southern Triangle Island .B. . . . .
E5 - Private Oasis . . . . .O-8.G
E6 - Bomb Island . .S.E1. . .G
E7 - Bird's Peak Rock . . . . . .G

F1 - Diamond Steppe Island . . . . .O-8.G
F2 - Five-Eye Reef . . .E1. . .
F3 - Shark Island .B. . . . .G
F4 - Southern Fairy Island . . .E3.F. .
F5 - Ice Ring Isle . . . . . .G
F6 - Forest Haven T.B. . . . .
F7 - Cliff Plateau Isles . . .E1. . .G

G1 - Horseshoe Island . . .E2. . .G
G2 - Outset Island T.B. . .F. .G
G3 - Headstone Island T. .S. . . .
G4 - Two-Eye Reef . . .E1.F.O-4.
G5 - Angular Isles . . . . . .G
G6 - Boating Course . . . . . .G
G7 - Five-Star Isles . .S.E1. . .

Wind Waker Questions We Have Answered
larsoncc , 10/9/2013 10:04:50 PM

Questions that we at Stage Select have Answered about The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (This list will be updated frequently):

What do you do with the Ghost Ships??
Answer Courtesy of DaFuZzMaStA: first, there is only one ghost ship, it just changes its location all the time. You will need to get in it when you are collecting triforce peices. to get into it, get out of your boat and swim strait into it (doesnt matter what part of it).

In the first room in dragon do I move the statue, every time I go up to it, it makes me slide!!!
You pull the statues, rather than push. Pull the statue that is on the left backward (move the statue that is furthest West, move it to the South). Pull the middle statue toward the gap that you just created with the other statue. In other words, pull the middle statue to the West. To push or pull an object, hold down the R button to grab on, then use the directional joystick to move.

How do you knock the blob things off the deku trees face?
To knock the ChuChus off the Deku Tree's face, run into the tree. In other words, start running and hit the "A" button. You'll slam into the tree, which will knock them loose.

In Zelda Wind Waker, in the hide and seek game how do you get to the kid standing on top of the tree?
Run into the tree (press your roll button).

In the gamecube game Zelda Wind Waker, where are the four kids playing hide and go seek?
Answer Courtesy of DaFuZzMaStA: One is on the tree near the dock, roll into it to get the kid down. One is behind the bomb shop, which is left when coming off the dock. For the next one, go to that school place, through the arch beside it, and go left, and keep going left along the wall and you will find one eventually. For the next one, go to the guy that looks like elvis and teaches you the song of passing. Go behind the grave that is in front of him to find the next kid.

How do i get by the guys in Zelda Wind Waker in the first level without my sword??
Lock onto them with the L button. Also hold your R button, so that your shield is raised. He'll hit you a few times, and LOSE his STICK! Grab the stick (A button), and beat him with it (B button). There is also a jar full of sticks. You can break open the jar, and beat him with one of those sticks.

How do you kill the first boss in Zelda the Wind Waker, I'm to lazy to figure it out myself.
Grapple-hook the tail, and swing. Letting go will make the ceiling crumble, and it'll stun the boss. You'll do that a 3 times, until the outer shell breaks. Now, your object is to GOUGE IT'S EYE. You can do this in a few ways, depending on how the boss attacks you. You can wait till it traps you and start swinging, or you can grapple its head, and start slashing his eye.

The Three Pearls and The Tower of the Gods
larsoncc , 10/9/2013 10:04:50 PM

As of 05/12/2003, this section of the FAQ is a work in progress (and may end abruptly). It will be completed within the next few days.

After the Forbidden Woods, your next destination is Greatfish Isle.  Upon heading to Greatfish Isle, you'll discover that there are many more creatures in the sea.  So, be on the defensive as you head to B4 (see the Sea Map, above).  When you get to Greyfish Isle, you'll find that the island has been destroyed!  Talk with Quill once you get there.  He'll tell you that your next destination is Windfall Island, which is at D2 on the sea map.

Before you go to Windfall Island, explore the remnants of Greatfish Isle.  There is a piece of heart here - Go up the winding path to the withered Deku Tree.  Play your music to make the wind shift West.  Glide to the island in the distance (Deku Leaf). Go to the North on this island, and you'll see the chest containing the piece of heart in the small cave in the next little island.  So make the wind shift north, and head across with the Deku Leaf.

Back to Windfall Island
The pirates are docked at Windfall Island.  They're at the bomb shop, but you can't enter the bomb shop (it's locked).  Sneak around the back and up the wall to enter the bomb shop.  You'll witness the Pirates stealing a bunch of bombs, and Tetra will announce that the pirates are staying overnight at Windfall.  BE SURE TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE NEXT PART.  One of the pirates in the bunch will ask what the daily password to get onto the ship is.  The password is random, so I can't give it to you here.  Be sure to write it down or something.  Go to the ship and respond with the appropriate password.  Once on the ship, go talk to Niko, who will give you a challenge to complete.  If you swing across all the ropes correctly, he'll give you a bunch of bombs. 

Back to Outset Island
Go to your grandma's house first.  You'll need to heal her with a potion (use a potion near her).  She gives you some soup!  The soup replenishes both your energy and magic, and there are two doses per bottle.  There are some side quests on the island if you walk around, too.  After you complete any side quests that you want to do, set sail around the island.  On the West side of the island, there is a whirlpool you'll run into - there's also a big slab in front of a cave - you'll need to launch bombs at the slab and avoid getting sucked up by the whirlpool.  Bomb the top, then bomb the bottom, and you'll open the cave.  You'll get the third pearl from a big fish, and your next destination (D5) Southern Triangle Island.

Southern Triangle Island
You just need to get to the top of the island and place the pearl into the statue.  On to the next island (F4). 

Eastern Triangle Island
Again, your only goal here is to place the pearl into the statue that is on this island.  On to the next island (D3).

Nothern Triangle Island
Place the pearl into the last statue.  All of the statues shatter, and a big light triangle is formed.  On to the next dungeon, the Tower of the Gods.

Tower of the Gods
First Floor:
Room 1:
Once you sail into the Tower of the Gods, you'll notice that some of the areas can only be accessed when the water goes down.  This entryway is Room 1, and it serves as a gateway to several rooms on the first floor.  When the water does go down, you'll go to the second room (in the southeast corner). 

Throughout this room, you'll be defeating enemies, and riding the floating crates to the different spots in the upper part of the room.  When you ride one of the crates, you'll see that it is right in front of a cracked wall that you have to bust open with a bomb.  This particular hole in the wall has a pot that contains the dungeon map.  There are a few other doors like this that need to be "persuaded" to open, so go ahead and give them a quick bombing.  After you get all of the items in this room, go back to Room 1.

Room 3:
In the northeast corner of Room 1, there is a door that you can only get to when the water rises.  It's also a locked door, but all you have to do is to move one of the statues onto the switch.  Inside the room, you'll notice that there's a switch in the middle of the room.  Place one of the crates on the switch.  This will activate the bridge that goes across the room.  When the water is low, cross to the other side of the bridge.  Pick up the statue at this end of the bridge, and head back across.  Go into the room to the West.

Room 4:
Place the statue in the middle of the room.  The monster gate lifts up - guess what?  You go through the gate with your boat.  At the end of the new hallway is a sealed door - put the two statues on the switches and go through the door. 

Room 5:
In this room, you've got to arrange the crates so that you can walk to the other side of the room when the water is high.  Light a Deku stick, head across, and light the two torches to get a chest which has a small key inside.  Go back to the main room (Room1), and hop into your ship.  You'll bomb the cracked archway to get to the next room.

Room 6:
This room contains an enemy and the Compass.  Once you get the compass, go back to Room 1, and head to the locked door. 

Room 7:
Defeat the enemies in this room to make the staircase appear.  Grab the statue at the top of the stairs, and bring it back out to the main part of Room 1.  Go to the northwest corner where there is a big gold cross in the floor made of tiles (the surrounding tiles are a greenish-blue).  Place the statue in the middle of the floor on the switch, and the waterfall will turn off.  Take your boat to where the waterfall used to be and go through the newly made door.

Room 8:
This is the last room on this floor.  Watch out for the laser beam, and bring the two statues to the north end of the room.  Place the two statues on the switches.  You'll stand on the other switch that's in the middle, and this will activate all of the elevator platforms.  Take them up to the second floor.  Walk through the door (the door is just in the upper part of Room 8)

Second Floor:
Room 1:

The only door that you can go through has a glowing mark on it.  Go through the door.

Room 2:
Take the moving platform to the next room.

Room 3:
In this room, there's a trippy glowing platform.  Go up the stairs, and make the statue start following you.  Take the statue to the previous room with you (there's nothing too special here, just one gap that you have to jump.).  From there, hop back on the moving platform.  When you get to Room 1, the statue takes over and goes to the middle of the room and unlocks the room to the west.  You learn the Command Melody at this point.  This will let you control statues.  Hold <-- for 4/4 time, the Command Melody goes: <-C, C, C->, C.  Go into the next room.

Room 4:
Swing to the west side with your grappling hook.  Go through the door.

Room 5:
The object of this room is to take a statue back with you.  So, swing across the gap with your grappling hook.  Then get the statue to follow you.  Stand on the switch and a bridge appears.  Use the Wind Waker to play the Command Melody, and bring the statue across the bridge.  Then swing back across.  Carry the statue into the previous room, and place it on the switch.  Swing across to the now open door.