400 Years
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400 Years walkthrough/solution
Darryl B. , 10/2/2013 6:11:56 PM

400 Years walkthrough v. 1.1

Legal note

This walkthrough originally appeared on the games-help wiki. Giving it a link here makes it legal. However, if you don't contact Stage Select first to see about reproducing this elsewhere, they could arrange for the volcano at the end to erupt into your residence, which will continue for four...hundred...years.


You will start off a game moving your man to the right until he reaches an area with some water in it that is impassible. When that happens, you must just wait by pressing and holding down the spacebar, which speeds up time. Do this until the water turns into ice, then walk over the area.

Keep on walking right for a while until you reach a tree; climb up it, then continue right. You will then reach another cliff that you cannot climb, although there is a small tree next to it. Just wait/speed up the years until the tree grows tall enough for you to climb it, the step down from the tree to the right and keep on walking right.

Next you will come to a place where it says onscreen that sometimes a tree is at the wrong place. Wait/speed up the years (if needed) until it says onscreen that there are chestnuts there, then press the E key on your keyboard to pick one up. Start walking to the right again until you get to an impassible cliff; press E again to plant the chestnut right next to the cliff, then wait/speed up the years until a tree starts growing from the chestnut, making it tall enough for you to climb it to the top of the cliff, then drop down to the right and keep on walking.

You will come to another hole filled with water that you cannot pass, so just wait and speed up the years until the water freezes over, then keep walking right until you reach a cliff. Fall off the cliff and you will land in a village where it states onscreen that the people are hungry. Keep walking right until you reach a body of water; wait and speed up time to the point where the water freezes (if it isn’t frozen over already), then walk across it. You will then reach a field; wait/speed up time to the point where plants and the like start growing. It will say onscreen to press E to take some wheat grain. Take some, then head back left, walking into the water, which you will walk underwater for a while until you start heading back up. Keep walking left until you reach a tree; climb up the tree, then head back right until you fall and reach the village again. Press E to plant the grain, then wait/speed up time for it to start growing.

Head back right to the water’s edge, then wait/speed up time until the people start building a bridge. Keep on waiting until the bridge totally extends to the field where you got the grain. Keep on walking right and speed up time; another village will be built, then keep on walking right until you get to another body of water. Again, wait/speed up time until the people start building another bridge (since this area is impassible, even if you wait until the water freezes up), then walk over it and continue right.

You will reach another body of water; if it is frozen, walk to the middle of it, then wait/speed up time until it thaws. You should fall down a narrow vertical chasm, then start walking right through the area. You will reach a dry area where there are stalagmites and stalactites and an impassible cliff. Wait/speed up time for a while until they start growing to the point where they meet together and you can climb up them to get past the cliff. Continue right off the cliff, then keep going right until you fall down into another water area.

Keep going right until you start walking up an incline, then you’ll see a net in the water. The net has to be on the left side of the screen; if it isn’t, wait/speed up time until it moves left, then climb up the net into the boat it’s attached to, then walk left onto land and a small village. Wait/go forward in time a bit until the boat leaves the dock, then walk left. There should be a tree there to climb; if not, wait for it to grow, head back right to make sure the boat has left the dock, then go back to the tree, climb it and head left to pick up a chestnut. Walk back right and either fall off the small cliff or climb down, then keep on moving right until you fall off the dock into the water, then climb up the net again and head right onto that area of land.

Once you reach a cliff you cannot ascend, plant the chestnut next to it, then wait as a tree grows tall enough for you to climb to the top of the cliff, then move right. Keep on moving; it will say onscreen that you are nearing your journey’s end. Keep moving until you encounter a volcano. Climb down into the volcano until you reach the lava, which the game will instruct you to press E to block the lava. Do so and wait (when it tells you) in order to beat the game.