R.C. Pro-Am
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9  |  Wanna Race?
Scoots , 1/3/2003 8:00:54 AM
A perennial favorite in my house...RC Pro-Am. To me, this is the ultimate racing game. Sure it's simplistic, repetitive, and unrealistic, but it's got something else that most other racing games lack--missiles. And not just missiles, it's got bombs too, but the missiles are always my weapon of choice.

Throughout the course of 32 tracks you race against 3 opponents and pick up various power-ups and weapons along the way. You'll have to avoid the oil slicks, rain clouds, and other hazards if you want to be the top driver. Collect the letters to spell out NINTENDO and you'll get a new and improved car (you start out initially with a rugged little pickup). Its fast pace and emphasis on fun over realism make this the premier racing game for the NES.

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