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Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Tips, Tricks, Strategy
larsoncc , 4/22/2012 12:30:54 PM

Sledgehammer's Modern Warfare 3 has a Double XP weekend this weekend; players are looking for as many cheats, tips, tricks, and strategies as they can.  We have compiled a quick list of important strategies for the game that will help you stay alive in Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer matchmaking.  This strategy guide for Modern Warfare 3 is being created with the lower levels of play in mind.  The idea is to get players acclimated to Modern Warfare 3 quickly, so that they die less and are perhaps less of a burden to their teammates.  :)

Multiplayer in Modern Warfare 3 is divided into two sections.  The co-op mode (Spec Op) is a series of survival missions that you and one other person can play.  There are 20+ missions in this mode.  It's played out in bite sized chunks, and is against varying levels of bots.  The mode is useful for unlocking some easy achievements.  The mode that this guide focuses on, however, is the versus multiplayer matches that make up the bulk of network play (PSN, Xbox Live, or PC) for Modern Warfare 3.

Here are some simple strategies to follow in the multiplayer mode of Modern Warfare 3.

Campy Campers Have The Last Laugh
Modern Warfare 3 does not reward players that rush out into the open, unless you've set up your classes in a specific way.  In fact, your main objective during your first few levels will be to seek out these people, and kill them.

Finding a hiding spot in  Modern Warfare 3 is all relative to your enemy's location.  If you can find a spot which has a good view of the enemy, but where the enemy will be more likely to concentrate on looking a different direction, stay in that spot until it's obvious to the other players that you're mowing them down.  If you're killed, concentrate on the kill cam for the first minute or two of the game.  See if your enemy is getting lucky, or if they're always attacking you from the same spot.  If you're always getting killed from the same location, obviously you should move.

Good examples of these hiding spots:
1.  Perpendicular to a building's window.  Typically, the enemy players will be making their way through the building, especially on the ground floor.
2.  The most common hiding spots in Modern Warfare 3 are second floor walkways or windows.  Honestly, most of these spots aren't great to stick to for a long period of time, but even a bad spot has a couple of advantages.  First, if you're one floor up, you can quickly get out of combat by dropping to the floor / street below.  This is useful if you just need a quick break to recover from being shot.  Second, if you can find a window or ledge that has a good view of either an alley or a "town square" that the enemy has to pass through, that'll make a decent spot until someone decides to take you out.
3.  A high corner of the map.  If you have a sniper class, you should seek out a relatively isolated location, as high as you can get to maximize success.  Even if that area offers no escape, you can usually take cover in these locations.  Modern Warfare 3 is much more balanced than Modern Warfare 2, if you're in a sniping spot, you'll want to set a trap at an entrance (Bouncing Betty, Claymore, or worst case, some C4).  In Modern Warfare 3, you're also far less likely to get a full view of the map, so just pick a spot that has a few nice lines of sight in high traffic areas.

Bad examples of hiding spots:
1.  A low corner of a map.  If you have no escape, and others have the height advantage, you're hosed.
2.  Any location that people aren't walking by.  Look, the objective of the multiplayer game is to rack up kills.  You're not going to do that by hiding away where no one walks.

Don't Rush To Deploy

If you're doing well, you'll get "Kill Streaks" - rewards for killing X people in a row, which you can deploy by pressing over on the D pad (different on PC).  If you're not the type of player to get kill streaks, you should set up a "support" class - there are a set of kill streaks which don't reset when you die; the higher levels of these kill streaks are actually quite good at doing damage, like the Stealth Bomber and the EMP (which doesn't do direct damage, but imparts a clear advantage on your team).

Death streaks allow a person that isn't playing well to have a temporary advantage in the game.  Death streaks are back in Modern Warfare 3, and while they do provide a small tactical advantage, there's no reason to run in to get yourself killed (again).

Similaritieds Between Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3

Although Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games don't like to talk about it, it seems that the "Quick Scoping" method of quickly gaining kills is still in Modern Warfare 3, just not to the same degree as Modern Warfare 2.  "Quick Scoping" is pressing the scope button (the left trigger) and the shoot button (right trigger) nearly simultaneously while using a sniper rifle.  This imparts an unfair advantage for most people, as the scoped in mode of the sniper rifle is both more forgiving and more accurate than simply firing the rifle.  Further, it usually gives the user a one shot kill.  QuickScoping is a technique that evolved over time with Modern Warfare 2, people are still using the technique in Modern Warfare 3, but not as much, and several weapons seem to be balanced against the effect. 

Collect the rewards

 The "Care Package" kill streak reward is far more useful than in Modern Warfare 2.  Turrets are especially useful at low levels, where you can easily rack up an additional 500+ points of experience by "doing nothing".  Predator Missles are a hugely popular choice for an obvious reason - the predator missle should be a darned near garauntee of a kill.  In the lowest levels you should pack along a UAV, because they definitely help you gain experience.  After some time though (when you get your Hardline perk), you'll probably want to reconsider each of these perks that I've mentioned - of all of the above, people usually keep the Predator. 

Unlock the right stuff
As you level up, you'll unlock several items.  When you unlock more than one DECENT attachment to your weapon, be sure to use the Bling perk to allow both attachments simultaneously.  Yes, this uses one of your perk slots (the first one), but it can really be advantageous.

At your earliest opportunity (around level 10-11), consider unlocking the Sentry Gun; it's the same sentry gun that's available in the Care Package, and again, the reward can be great, XP-wise.

Stick to the Good Grenades
You'll be able to use the Semtex grenades pretty early in your advancement.  I recommend the Semtex grenades (sticky) if you're the type of player that can predict movement.  Since the grenades stick, you can position them far more accurately.  Plop one onto the corner of a building if you're being chased, or stick one on a window sill to get rid of a sniper.  Even if you "miss" with these grenades, you can typically buy yourself more time with them, because you can "clog up" a window or other common snipe location.  A regular grenade will likely roll behind a sniper in Modern Warfare 2, but a sticky will force the sniper to fall back away from his spot so that you can advance.

Flash bangs are a recommended tactical grenade, especially in early levels.  While you would think that stun grenades would be the best choice, flashbangs have a longer effect, and seem to work better in generating openings.

Grenade First, Shoot Most

In Modern Warfare 3, the grenades (both lethal and tactical) take forever to throw.  Never try to throw a grenade during combat, you're going to die.  Set up your assault with a grenade by throwing one into the mix early.

As soon as you're able to switch to a "planned" explosive, like the Bouncing Betties, you should consider it.  Grenades are effective, yes, but setting up a trap is very effective in this game.  Of the bomb traps, I think Claymores are probably the best, but you'll need to advance for a while before getting them.

Best Early Game Weapons

It's almost to the level of infuriating how effective FMG9s can be on a small map.  This is also why you see so many people using them.  As soon as you're able, especially early levels, set up an FMG9 as your secondary, with the run perk if you have it, and suffer through the use of that gun until gun level 4 when you gain Akimbo.  Akimbo allows you to carry 2 FMG9s, and is a brutal combination on small maps.  The effectiveness of this weapon with Akimbo is pretty incredible.  This is the run and gun combination that is both most popular and most effective.  This allows people that do not like caution to play the game at the same level as those who take their time and plan their shots.  It's as close as Modern Warfare 3 gets to Halo.

Aside from this good starting weapon, you'll want to decide which "direction" to go with your classes - you can be slower but effective, an all around battler, a sniper, or a fast and loose player.  Here are some weapons that you should be going for in each of these classes:

Slow but Deadly

Light Machine Guns - You start with the L86 LSW and this is a fine weapon for quite some time.  The PKP Pecheneg is a nice rank up (far less recoil), and the last light machine gun, the M60E4 is fantastic.  With a grip and a sight, the light machine gun is a fantastic weapon because you're more concentrated on battle (less reloads), you're as effective as someone using many of the assault rifles, and with the Slight of Hand perk, the reload time isn't terrible.

All Around

Assault Rifles provide the best "all around" combination of speed vs effectiveness.  They also start off the most poorly - the M4A1 isn't very effective.  However, as soon as you earn the SCAR-L, that weapon can last a while - it's "decent".  The best weapons in this class of weapons are the Type 95 (shockingly effective 3 round bursts, but the weapon occupies a ridiculous amount of screen real estate), the ACR 6.8, which is many peoples' weapon of choice, as it has a very nice balance of effectiveness, recoil, and range, and the last weapon in the group, the FAD, is great for those that need virtually no recoil.  In this class of weapons, I stick to the Type 95 and the ACR, but that's a bit of opinion mixed in with fact.


Full disclosure:  I'm not good enough to be a sniper.  That said, a see a ton of people still using the Barrett (it has nasty recoil, but is usually able to kill in a shot), the L118A, which seems to be a good mix of effectiveness and recoil, and of course the last sniper in the series, the MSR is used a lot as well. 

Fast and Loose

Although it's not always the wisest choice (big maps are a no-no) the fast and loose player has a lot of options in Modern Warfare 3.  First, the FMG9s above work for every class.  That said, there are a couple of incredible weapons that you'll see played all the time in this configuration:  The PP90M1, the P90, the AA-12 (shotgun auto fire), and the Striker (oppressive range on this shotgun).  Since you can get the PP90M1 pretty early in the game, it makes for a good choice in the early levels if this is your play style.  Combining fast with a perk like Extreme Conditioning is a must.  Also, Steady Aim makes for a good perk in this configuration.

Other thoughts:

Early level players should add Hardline to their Perk package.  Stalker is actually quite good for an early Perk, and everyone running fast and loose should use Seady Aim.  An early level player's Death Streak needs to not be Juiced - as soon as you can get rid of this, do so. 

Enjoy the new Maps in Modern Warfare 3, and stay frosty!


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