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FAQs / Walkthroughs

Synapsis Walkthrough
Darryl B. , 7/7/2010 12:46:31 AM

v. 1.0

by Darryl B.

Legal note: personally I don’t care what is done with this walkthrough (not counting any issues Stage Select would have of it), just as long as credit is given to myself and/or Stage Select if this walkthrough is posted or linked elsewhere, or whatever.


Synapsis is a point and click, “escape from the area” game by robotJAM and Jason Jackson that has a few logical puzzles, but other than that it doesn’t make a lot of sense. It has been theorized that possibly the character you play (a “Mr. Carter”) is in a mental hospital and insane or could even be dead.


Just use the mouse to move, point and click on objects to pick them up, put them in certain places, and activate certain things. Once the use of an item you collect is exhausted the item will then vanish.


Mr. Carter (who is never shown onscreen) is at a desk littered with objects. A voice welcomes you to something called Goldsmiths and a cube that looks like the puzzle box from the Hellraiser movies is rolled towards you.


Click on the left button of the cube, then the center button to take you to the main room.


This is the main room. The cube is slightly off-center of the room. There are five doors to choose from to enter. Whenever you are in a room, a toolbar at the bottom of the screen will display any items you have collected and clicking on the down arrow at the far right will return you to the Subconscious area.

Going from the bottom, from left to right with the doors:


In this room is a robot on a treadmill, a generator is hooked up to the treadmill, there is a locked door on the left, lights, and various objects are scattered around the room.

Actions (not necessarily in order)

1. Collect all the objects (a green gas can, a wrench, a spark plug, and a cog wheel).

2. There is a funnel on the right side of the generator. Pick up the gas can and click it at the funnel, which the gas will then empty into the generator and power it up.

3. Use the wrench by clicking on the red handle on the right panel of the generator. The panel will then open.

4. Place the collected spark plug into the panel opening.

5. Place the cog wheel in the left open space of the treadmill.

6. Press the green button on the generator. The treadmill and robot will begin moving and two overhead lights will begin flickering. Wait several seconds and some sort of a disc will be ejected from underneath the treadmill.

7. Collect the disc and hold it underneath one of the two flickering lights to power it up.

8. Place the disc in the middle of the robot’s head. An orb will travel from the robot and outline the door, making it passable then.

9. Enter the door. This takes you to--


In this room are two chairs, a small chest, a lit candle and two paintings where crows are seen flying from one painting to the other.


1. Take the candle.

2. Position the cursor on each crow, making it disappear (including the ones in each painting that don’t fly). This causes the chest’s drawer to open, revealing a book inside.

3. Take the book and exit the room back to the (your?) Subconscious.


This is the second door from the left in the Subconscious area. This is a filthy, padded room with a bed, a radio, a clock, a security camera, a tattered paper in regards to John the Baptist, and writing and possibly blood on the walls.


1. Pick up the John the Baptist paper.

2. Move the hands on the clock to the 9:15 position (hence the Roman numerals on the right wall). A razor blade will then fall from the clock. Pick it up.

3. Click on the wall tile that slightly stands out amongst all the others (slightly lower left of center, in the blood area) with the razor. A screwdriver will appear in the cutout section. Collect that.

4. Click on the left knob of the radio with the screwdriver. The radio will attempt to tune into something, then open up after a few seconds, revealing a cross inside. Collect that.

5. NOTE WHERE THE LIGHT SHINES ON THE WALL! Touch the top part of the cross to that area. A section of the wall will light up. Touch the cross to each edge until it forms a rectangle, revealing a doorway (note: you can also use the John the Baptist paper for this action as well). Enter the door to


In this room, there is a morphing image of the inside of a person’s head, a transparent brain on a platform, an empty platform next to it, several lasers (or beams of light), and various points to click on to divert the beams.


 1. There actually isn’t a really sound way to explain how to get past this room, just that the main thing is to complete a light circuit from the circle surrounding the head to the empty platform to free the brain. The main thing to do is to click on the top center area to divert the beam onto the small empty platform, don’t move it again, and then go backwards from there, diverting the beams on the right, then move counterclockwise, working your way back left. Alternate between working with the left and right sides (if you can’t get a complete circuit immediately) until you complete a circuit, which the brain will become solid and rise off the platform.

2. Collect the brain and return to Subconscious.


This area is a train station, having a phone booth, signs telling of when the next train appears, and a train arriving every several seconds.


1. Once a train appears and stops, press the green and white button on the front car. It will open that car’s door.

2. On the floor of the car will be a cell phone. Pick it up and return to Subconscious.


This is the last room on the left side, having what appears to be the same image of the head from the Connection room, although superimposed over the Subconscious area this time around. This room is almost totally empty, save for that display, a light, and what appears to be a fusebox.


Not much to do here, just open the fusebox to reveal a gray brain and place the one you got from the Connection room there, then return to Subconscious.


This is the lone room on the right of the Subconscious area, being a pretty typical church scene filled with candles, pews, a cross, and a ceremonial bowl.


1. There is an empty candlestick holder on the left. Place the lit candle you got from the Knowledge room here, then wait for all the other candles to light up.

2. A miniature cross will light up on the bowl. Place the cross you got from the Contained room radio there. You will hear the bowl fill up.

3. Put the John the Baptist paper in there. It will burst into flame and a heart will be seen through the flames.

4. Take the heart and either return to Subconscious or activate the cell phone. In the book you got from the Knowledge room is a note with a phone number.

5. Input the number (it’s different every time the game is played) and press the middle button to dial. You will automatically be taken to Transport (if you’re not there already) and a man will answer and talk to you briefly. A tile in the floor then opens up, revealing a ladder beneath it.

6. Take the ladder down, which takes you to...


Like Portal, this room is almost totally empty, save for another fusebox and a television playing the camera feed from the Contained room.


Almost nothing to do here again, just open the fusebox door and place the heart you collected from Spirit over the gray one in the fusebox to power up the Portal and to begin the end sequence.


During the game you might encounter a man in a suit and tie with a television for a head in Subconscious. Unless this is some kind of Easter egg requiring some action to trigger it, there doesn’t seem to be any way to interact with him (it?); just go into any of the doors and come back and he’ll be gone. I suspect this is just a false “clue” that programmers of these kinds of games put in a lot (all of the candles in Spirit look like you can do something with them, but it doesn’t seem like you can) that actually doesn’t lead to anything. Unless you can figure something out, just ignore him.


Normally I don’t think a walkthrough has any need for any kind of editorial in it -- just the steps to complete a game is required, and that’s it -- but due to being so intrigued with this, I wrote up my first ever game walkthrough (not that there’s much to it though), so I thought I’d throw in my two cents as to what’s going on in this odd presentation.

I’d say that those that theorize that Mr. Carter is a person in a mental hospital is correct; it would definitely explain the terms for the rooms, the padded Contained, and possibly the heart signifies that even if a person is mentally ill, they still have a heart and they’re still a person. It also seems like you’re definitely institutionalized, due to the padded room, the person on the phone telling you you need to cooperate, and with the last room in the end cinematics being labeled Hospital as a creepy visual appears on the cube while laughter is heard (possibly mocking the patient), it doesn’t appear to be a very good institution either.

This also seems to me like how the sci-fi series of The Prisoner ended (which has been debated for years), as possibly you didn’t escape after all. It seems to me that the whole game was either induced by some kind of drug treatment with some therapy babble thrown in (again, with the names the rooms have) or the whole thing was a dream and then the patient wakes up in the hospital at the end.

Perhaps there will be some more light shed on what happened when the sequel arrives, as this is supposed to be the first of a series.