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Ask The Community

what do I do with the space ship after it crashes to earth
12/27/2010 11:39:27 AM

(posted: 2/9/2011 5:36:26 AM)

 Nothing, it just sits there.

What happens once I'm in the special castle and bought everything? is there a way to get though the castle?
1/11/2011 5:17:07 PM

(posted: 2/20/2011 8:01:22 AM)

You just press on the door, hold it for a second and it will take you inside. Inside its like a little shop just like the owls and the crabs, but in this one you can buy stuff for your little hut. Hope this helped!

How do u bath him?
1/14/2011 9:33:31 AM

(posted: 4/25/2011 6:11:06 AM)

First you put a cloud over him and wet him and then use the plant infront of the hut and hold it over him, now you use a cloud to dry him.

what is hanging from the owls tree in boomy woods ?
1/14/2011 4:49:21 PM

(posted: 2/20/2011 8:01:19 AM)

its just a wooden sighn for the shop

how do you get fire to get across the bridge?
3/17/2011 6:09:27 PM

(posted: 4/25/2011 6:11:04 AM)

 When you are at the staircase feed him a mushroom that grows outside the star quest shop


How do u bring chicken mama back to life?
3/19/2011 2:17:15 PM

(posted: 5/4/2011 6:22:23 AM)

You need to find a broken heart, a normal heart and a roast chicken. I found mine growing off the plants. It's random and might take a while, so you might have to be patient! :(

How do scrub my firdiburd???
3/22/2011 10:17:52 AM

(posted: 4/26/2011 5:12:25 AM)

use a piece of aloe plant to scrub him while its raining...aloe plant is bside hishouse


How do you shower and dry him?
3/25/2011 8:30:44 AM

(posted: 5/28/2011 6:45:36 AM)

Pull down a cloud over Furdi's head to shower him, and use aloe vera plant by house to soap him up. Pull down a swirly wind from the sky over him, and a tornado will come down and dry him. Alternately, all steps can be completed using shampoo, made in the machine using 2 star potions and 1 poo.

How do I give the alien a bath?
3/25/2011 11:19:54 AM

(posted: 5/28/2011 6:45:34 AM)

 You bring the cloud over him and any other clouds in the sky will automatically come over and rain on him. Once its raining grab the alovera leaf thats outside your house and scrubb him with it. Then when it stops raining you drag a wind twirl over and that dries him. 
Hope this helped (:

What is the machine for that's to the left of the crabs house
3/29/2011 12:57:43 PM

(posted: 6/8/2011 5:52:51 AM)

That machine is used to create things

1. Drag a cloud to the electric ball in the center top of the screen

2.drag items from your inventory and put them in the empty tubes. (different items and combos create diffrent out comes try 3 cherries first)

3.then wait and grab the item that comes out

How do I get the torch on fire or wat do I need for it..its the first object by that passway
4/6/2011 1:21:14 AM

(posted: 5/4/2011 6:22:19 AM)

feed him a mushroom inwhich you grow from the patch of grass infront of the potion house and he will let out a flame of fire which will light the torch

How do you change him into a girl
5/27/2011 3:25:24 PM

(posted: 1/5/2012 5:45:39 AM)

Go to the factory (left of the crab) and put in a fruit of an eggplant (that purple thing with the green top), a renewel potion (from thecrab - Crabidab) and any other type of potion. Drag a cloud to the wind mill thing at the top, press the button thats lighted up on the left hand side then out comes a potion at the other side. Poor the potion onto your Furdiburd and it grows a bow. If you want it changed back, use a renewel potion or put more of that used potion on it.

what potiom do you need to use when furdiburb is checkered?
6/9/2011 12:52:32 PM

(posted: 10/5/2011 8:02:39 PM)

The one that match the colors

My furdiburb is black and sad how do I change it back to its color and happy?
6/21/2011 9:22:58 AM

(posted: 11/9/2011 9:52:30 PM)

 if he's black and he's sad just grow something from out of the roots by his house and feed him til he smiles! Furdiburb eats ALOT!

what are the relics used for?
7/28/2011 7:10:34 PM

(posted: 5/3/2012 5:46:02 PM)

It is used for playing the music game

what do you do when he's sick?
8/16/2011 5:55:29 PM

(posted: 12/8/2011 10:21:51 PM)

you go on the right, hold down the sign, go into the shop, and get the red potion.

what does the chicken on the house do? what is it for?
10/11/2011 9:55:40 AM

(posted: 4/15/2012 1:03:05 PM)  Eat it ! 

What are the stones in the robots shop for or what do they do and how do u use them
11/14/2011 12:13:04 AM

(posted: 4/15/2012 1:03:00 PM)

you use them to play the music game. just put your alien inside the little dome in front of the robot's shop and you will figure it out from there pretty much

i need to know how to make a broken heart on fudiburd. do you know how?
11/19/2011 1:59:23 PM

(posted: 1/5/2012 5:45:37 AM)

I think then grow on plants outside the house. It might take a while so you'd have to be patient.

Ok im trying to cross the bridge the pither is full of water the fan is moving and ive got the fire going what else do i need? I figure earth but what kind?
12/14/2011 7:44:44 AM

(posted: 4/15/2012 1:02:54 PM)

 the rock with the plant in it


How do you get to the factory to make the shampoo
12/27/2011 11:14:41 AM

(posted: 4/15/2012 1:02:52 PM)

you just need 2 star quest potion and a brown poop.

What do I do one to the right of the potions place?
12/31/2011 1:42:23 PM

(posted: 4/2/2012 5:42:20 PM)

 there is 4 pillars. you grab the wind and drag it to the little pink windmill. you grab a cloud and drag it to the one with the empty jug. then you get a rock(which you find on the ground between the fountain with the statues and the beach place. its like an empty feild) and put it on the pillar with the little plate. and then you make Furdiburb eat a mushroom( you grow them outside of the potion shop and make sure you eat it while in front of the last pillar) and you will blow out a fire bubble thingy. and you will see wat happens next

How do I fix the pink relic?
1/1/2012 2:43:32 PM

(posted: 4/2/2012 5:42:17 PM)

Drag furdi to the yellow cage with four blue lights around it that is located in front of junkybot's shop.

How do you get the music
1/2/2012 7:08:40 PM

(posted: 1/17/2013 7:41:34 PM)

 First you get the potion from Tokori the moon mission potion you put the potion in the star sisters hand the taller girl you plave Furdiburb in the pond and he flies to the moon the box that looks simular to the boxes in the robots shop.You grab it while it floats in space it goes to your inventory you grab furdiburb and drop him/her off the moon back on land take your alien and place him in the cage in front of the aliens shop while inside take the box and put it in a hole before doing that you must put each black rectangle in each column when done the hole will open put te boxin after finshing all six stages a note will fall out take it to the bird who cries in boomy woods and it will fly and catch the feather there should have been a clue blank+ blank + blank i wont tell you put the clue and feather hint hint in the factory charge the factory by putting cloud above light press the red button and wallah

Where is this "Spaceship" everyone is talking bout? Do i have to wait longer?
1/21/2012 8:37:52 PM

(posted: 4/15/2012 1:02:43 PM)

 Get a bottle of starquest potion from the shop in boomy woods ( the free bottle of red potion with the yellow lines on it.) place that ption in the hands of the statue on the right side of the founrtain put furdi in the sparkly red water he'll  shoot out into space, bounce him off the stars so he doesn't fall back to earth. When you get him high up enough you'll bump into the spaceship. It'll end up to the left of the fountain. 

How do you get rid of the gopher in the farm?
2/7/2012 3:13:18 PM

(posted: 4/19/2012 7:31:53 PM)

 Okay first, grow the spotted mushrooms (water the clovers outside the gypsy's hut). Then go to the area with the cage and water the plant. Feed furdiburb the spotted mushroom - he'll shrick. Put him down thehole and harvest the plant that's grew.


Then go to the farm and put the plant into one of the plots. The gopher will eat it and fall asleep. Talk to the woman on the farm, and the gopher will stay asleep from now on.

how do you get a red hit chilli peper?
2/10/2012 2:22:16 AM

(posted: 8/10/2012 5:08:59 AM)

 Three dragon fruits. Then put them in the Factory. When you feed it to him he will spit out fire.

How do you fish
2/12/2012 12:55:41 PM

(posted: 8/10/2012 5:08:55 AM)

 to fish you have to go to the crabs shop and there you get to pick a rod buy and pour the potion on furdiburd then put him/her on the island in the back of the shop then put any fruit on food or item you have on the rod thn fish 

How do I access the farm?
2/26/2012 10:24:31 PM

(posted: 10/4/2012 4:19:49 AM)

place your finger on the building and buy what you need or have the free item!

How do u light up the skull cave with the butterfly in it?
5/5/2012 9:36:58 AM

(posted: 8/10/2012 5:08:49 AM)

You have to get the lightbulb antenna from Crabidabs (sp?) it's free, then you go to the swamp and play the bug catching game. You only need the yellow light bugs. Try not to get the other ones, and avoid the red lady bugs at ALL costs, they will make you capture all the wrong bugs on the screen. The YELLOW ladybugs are very good! If you get those all the yellow light bugs come to you I almost forgot, go to the cave and make sure you put furdiburb inside the cave BEFORE you enter it

What can i do whit the mole thx.
5/10/2012 8:11:48 AM

(posted: 10/4/2012 4:19:54 AM)

 you pt him  to sleep with the taro root

what do you do with the empty star bottle that you get after playing in the music dome by the robot shop?
5/22/2012 5:26:04 AM

(posted: 1/17/2013 7:41:26 PM)

 you could just save it or just toss it .

What do I do with the tooth I pulled from the sea monster? ??And what do I do with the relics once I've completed the music game????
5/30/2012 2:43:42 PM

(posted: 1/17/2013 7:41:17 PM)

 Use the tooth plus two starquest potions in the factory machine and you'll get the windshield for the spaceship!

how do u make/get a dragon fruit on furdiburb?
8/29/2012 1:25:09 AM

(posted: 1/17/2013 7:41:10 PM)

Im not sure how to make it...but you can grow it outside furdiburbs huse, using the clouds over the plants:) The dragonfruit is the one thats pinkish yellow puffy looking ridges...geees I dont know how to describe it;0  ..  its NOT the purple looking plum one, ciao

How many times do i have to play the bug game and how long does it take to light the entire antenna
10/25/2012 7:15:07 PM

(posted: 8/21/2013 4:40:37 AM)

 it needs to be full it will take years

What do you do at the spirit stones on furdiburb
11/4/2012 2:01:50 PM

(posted: 5/13/2013 4:30:11 AM)

 First look for hidden ghosts on every screen, shake bushes etc... To make the last two stones light up, look at the clocks being held on either side of the spirit stone. You can find the two missing ghosts during the hrs. shown on the clocks. The recipe for a ship part will be revealed after all the blocks have been lighted.

After I play the firefly game my antenna light goes out after I leave the swamp. Is that supposed to happen? How do I light the cave up
11/9/2012 9:20:46 PM

(posted: 5/13/2013 4:30:14 AM)

the one you played is actually the first level of the ten levels. you will know if you finished the level if crabidab showed again. you have to finish the ten levels to fully charge your light 

how to find the light for the butterfly inside the volcano what will i do?
11/10/2012 2:46:30 AM

(posted: 10/9/2013 9:58:19 PM)

 The butterfly is really a dragon's eye ! So anyway you have to play all ten levels or buy the jar of fireflies in the diva's hut for 98 squirrels

How can I give the dragon back it's breath of fire?
11/18/2012 5:12:28 AM

(posted: 3/2/2013 6:25:59 PM)

 you feed him a mushroom :)

How do you get the guarded by spirits spaceship piece?
12/3/2012 1:41:55 AM

(posted: 8/28/2014 7:29:01 AM)

 You collect all the ghosts then

You click on the stone that looks like a button and you get a rock that looks like a skull and then use it at the factory with two fire mushrooms and then you get the turbines for your spaceship.

I went to the cave but I can't take my inventary to feed iris the mushroom. Pls help.
12/30/2012 8:17:05 AM

(posted: 4/28/2014 4:51:08 AM)

 Put furdi in the cave before you enter

How do i meet the sea monster??
1/4/2013 5:35:42 AM

(posted: 5/13/2013 4:30:19 AM)

 Okay, first you must go fishing. When you catch a fish, use it as bait. Continue to do so, as the fish you catch will gradually increase in size. You have to"fish up the food chain" until you reach the largest fish  all: The Sea Monster. Good luck! :)

how can i catch the sea monster iv been trying very hard... but the fishes i caught is just alternating...
1/4/2013 1:42:55 PM

(posted: 11/12/2013 9:59:23 PM)

 keep on caching bigger fish

How do I get out from under the plant once I get the sleeping root?
1/19/2013 11:32:29 AM

(posted: 3/12/2013 10:31:52 PM)

 Press the arrow above you 

what do you do with the stone that the start quest sisters have on their statue???
2/19/2013 3:16:59 PM

(posted: 5/13/2013 4:30:22 AM)  what you do is you get the sperit stone and do the recipe mushroom,stone,mushroom in the factory to get the last spaiceship part and send him home .                                                                     sorry plese exscusie the mis spelling only 10

I have all pillars working an I'm able to get inside the castle ho do I beat th poem he speaks......?????
3/17/2013 3:44:47 PM

(posted: 8/28/2014 7:28:59 AM)

 If you are already in the castle you have already beat the poem

4/2/2013 2:12:07 AM

(posted: 1/22/2014 10:12:34 AM)

 You get potions from crabidad the change his eyes and antenna but you can't change your furdiburb's fur/skin colour.

How do you do find the Dragon?????
4/15/2013 4:58:48 PM

(posted: 3/4/2014 6:25:10 AM)

It's in the mountain cave. It looks like a butterfly at first without your antenna lit. 

i want to know how do you go down the gopher hole i want to know plz help me
7/8/2013 6:37:48 PM

(posted: 9/20/2013 5:11:24 AM) First you go to where the genie is at, then you grab a cloud and put it over the plants to grow them. Once they grow,they look like mushroom things.After you save or feed one to Furdiburb (he'll shrink)then you can put him into the gopher hole. Hope I helped :)

how do I get onto the place where I can drag my potion onto furdiburp? thanks
7/9/2013 8:38:48 AM

(posted: 3/4/2014 6:25:06 AM)

 You can pour potions on Furdi in every scene /except for the crabbydad attena game and the star sisters star quest game. You just pick a potion from your inventory and then drag it over the top of Furdiburd. It should start to spill out over the top of Furdi. With some potions you can even save the bottle for later recipes at the factory even though they have been used once on Furdi.

How do i get the turbines part for the spaceship?
9/5/2013 11:15:02 PM

(posted: 8/28/2014 7:28:57 AM)

 You go to the spirit stones and collect all the ghosts  then all the symbols will light up then push the one that is sticking out and you will get a stone that looks like a skull and use it in the factory with two fire mushrooms then you will get the turbines

Where and at what time can you find the top left ghost?
11/14/2013 12:18:53 PM

(posted: 1/22/2014 10:12:38 AM)

 Either 9:00pm or 12:00pm (not midnight the other 12:00)


What item do I use for the earth one to open the gate
6/17/2014 4:17:18 PM

(posted: 4/3/2015 7:09:57 AM)

 You take the stone with the plants in it beside pizzicato beach


How do I cure the bird
6/18/2014 8:43:16 AM

(posted: 4/3/2015 7:09:55 AM)

 You go to the moon by buying the moon mission to get a tear drop go into your inventory and get the collection flask and let a tear drop fall into it you have your tear now buy the potion and there should by a floating thing with the bird on it save that fall back to earth now go to the place with the cage by the robots factory and put the thing with the bird on it to the empty slot on the left here's how to play the game press play and you will hear a melody on each row you try to get the right key when you've done all the rows press play and when it's done ypu will see arowspointing up and down that means the key is either up or down when all the keys turn yellow you've completed that level play all 6 levels and on the right side there will be a music note save that now go back to the nightingale give her the note and she will give you her feather and she will be happy( don't worry she comes back ) save the feather and at the place where you played the game you will see a recipe(cherry+strawberry+feather) go to the factory put it in the tubes and now you have a piece for your spaceship go to the spaceship and put it on and your done hope this helped??

How do you turn all the squares yellow that's guarded by the spirits?
7/23/2014 11:24:33 AM

(posted: 4/3/2015 7:09:51 AM)

There are two secret ghosts: you find them at 9:00 and 12:00. Once you tap the two ghosts, the clocks will light up, and you can press the button :)