A Boy and His Blob
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Gameplay / Overview

Boy and His Blob Preview

The first thing that you'll notice about A Boy and His Blob is the adorable hand drawn artwork for the game.  A Boy and His Blob is cute through and through, and really shows off what can still be pulled off in a 2D side scrolling adventure. The art style seems to evoke Classic Whinney The Pooh, and the interactions between the boy and his blob show off both playful interactions and love.

A Boy and His Blob is a reimagining of the classic NES title, not a remake.  That said, the level that was on display at E3 2009 featured a fairly expansive environment which in turn showed off many of the classic interactions with the Blob that you remember from the NES classic.  Progression through the level will require you to feed your blob different jelly beans, which morph the blob into different shapes / tools to progress.  Off hand, I can't remember the names of the jelly beans that you give to the Blob, but they are appropriate names, like the jelly bean that turns the blob into a balloon has a name that has something to do with air - it's all very cute, and a nice touch.  There are several shapes available, but the two that I saw on display were the trampoline and the balloon, and both of which work as you'd expect - they help you get to higher areas in the level.  Many times, you have to use a button to call the Blob over to you - you whistle, or call him by name, and if he can get there, he will.

The Blob can get angry / dissapointed with you.  If the Blob cannot readily reach you, or if he has been called too many times in a row, he'll start to turn red.  You wouldn't want to make your friend the Blob to leave forever, so you hug him to calm him down, in what has to be the most sugary sweet animation I have yet to see in a game.

Yes, you read that right.  This game has a hug button.  And I'm OK with that.

WayForward Technologies has a history of producing great artwork, and great game play - their work with Shantae and other titles has led them down this path, and I wish them all the best. 

I'm looking forward to A Boy And His Blob this Fall.

Story / Plot / Characters

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Screen Shot from E3
Screen Shot from E3