• Publisher:
  • Developer:
  • Genre:
  • Release Date:
  • Players:
  • Save Feature:
  • Rarity:
  • Price:
  • Rating:
  • Interplay
  • Infogrames
  • Adventure - Survival/Horror (example - Resident Evil)
  • 10/21/1994
  • 1
  • ?
  • 2
  • $7.00
  • ?


Gameplay / Overview
Alone In The Dark is a survival horror game for the 3DO. Popular games that are similar include the Resident Evil series and the Silent Hill series. Often, the objective of survival horror games is to solve various puzzles while escaping some terrifying event or location. These games often employ startle tactics to scare the player as the story plays out, and is a single player experience. It was developed by Infogrames and published by Interplay.

Alone In The Dark is a commonly available game for the 3DO. It shouldn't be too difficult to find this game for purchase. In good condition, the game is worth about $7.00. Alone In The Dark was released on 10/21/1994.

Story / Plot / Characters

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