Afro Samurai
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  • Developer:
  • Genre:
  • Release Date:
  • Players:
  • Save Feature:
  • Rarity:
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  • Bandai
  • Bandai
  • Action - General, Other
  • 1/27/2009
  • 1
  • Hard Drive
  • 1
  • $60.00
  • Mature


Gameplay / Overview
Afro Samurai is an action game for the Xbox 360, and is a single player experience. It was published by Bandai.

Afro Samurai is available in stores nationwide. In good condition, the game is worth about $60.00. Afro Samurai was released on 1/27/2009. The save feature for Afro Samurai is: Hard Drive.

Afro Samurai is rated M for Mature.
Story / Plot / Characters

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Afro Samurai and Rygar make it out the door this week.
(1/26/2009 9:55:47 AM)
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