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Gameplay / Overview
A52 MaxiCart is hardware made for the 5200, which can be played by N/A people. It was published by Videogame-Wiz.

It should be easy to find A52 MaxiCart for the 5200 available for purchase. In good condition, the game is worth about $85.00. A52 MaxiCart was released in March 2004. The save feature for A52 MaxiCart is: N/A.

A52 MaxiCart is a homebrew title.
Story / Plot / Characters

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Versions, History, Notes


Atari 5200 - A52 MaxiCart  
(submitted by: Skelix ), 4/30/2005 2:58:12 AM (edit)
Allows you to transfer a binary from your computer (via USB) to a special cartridge. This cartridge is then used as a standard Atari 5200 cartridge. When you're bored of the game you remove it and transfer something else to the cartridge.

Note: Bounty Bob Strikes Back! will not work on this cartridge.