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Gameplay / Overview
Advent Rising is an action game for the Xbox. It was developed by GlyphX Inc. and published by Majesco.

Advent Rising was released in 2004.

Story / Plot / Characters

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News Stories About Advent Rising

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Was it terrible? YES! Was it awesome? YES! Read on for our mixed message preview from the floor of E3 2010.
(6/20/2010 1:31:17 PM)
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Kinect Was Unveiled at Microsoft's Press Conference, can the controller live up to the hype?
(6/15/2010 5:44:31 PM)
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Microsoft's E3 Press Conference is highlighting the Kinect product. Check back with this story, as it will be updated with pictures or other media items as the day progresses.
(6/15/2010 5:30:20 AM)
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Kinect Motion and voice commands were just announced minutes ago at Microsoft's E3 Press Conference.
(6/14/2010 1:12:50 PM)
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Now that E3 has come and gone I thought it might be fun to look back and what we just went through and come up with a few fun (and informative) awards. Everybody else is doing it, so why can't we?
(8/7/2008 9:32:45 PM)
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