Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
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  • Konami
  • Konami
  • Action - General, Other
  • 10/1/2003
  • 1
  • Memory Card
  • 1
  • $12.00
  • Mature


Gameplay / Overview
Castlevania: Lament of Innocence is an action game for the PlayStation 2, and is a single player experience. It was published by Konami.

It should be easy to find Castlevania: Lament of Innocence for the PlayStation 2 available for purchase. In good condition, the game is worth about $12.00. Castlevania: Lament of Innocence was released on 10/1/2003. The save feature for Castlevania: Lament of Innocence is: Memory Card.

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence is rated M for Mature.
Story / Plot / Characters

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how do you get the key in the lab
7/23/2006 11:37:44 AM
how do you get to faraway island
7/8/2006 12:59:55 PM
How do I get to a new town on stick RPG
8/14/2005 4:22:37 PM

(posted: 12/7/2005 7:20:48 AM) Answer Courtesy of Sam: You have to get the CD alarm clock from the pawn shop and some caffeine pills from that supermarket shop thing and then go to sleep. It wakes you up so all you time bar is white and then you go to the bus depot and choose a place!!

What is the code for Deoxes on the Action Replay Max?
8/14/2005 2:49:09 PM

(posted: 12/27/2005 6:39:01 AM) Answer Courtesy of basscomm:

Unfortunately, no Pokémon characters appear in any of the Castlevania games, regardless of any codes you may enter.

I could only find some codes to unlock Deoxys in the Fire Red version of the Pokémon game, but I also found a couple of forum posts that say the the Action Replay erased their saved games, so I am loath to advocate its use.

However, if you have a copy of Fire Red or Leaf Green, you can get Deoxys the Old Fashioned Way(tm) (ie finding him, battling him, and catching him in a Pokéball) and then transfer him to your Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald version.

in castlevaina for ps2 how can u use the snall jewels like saphire and all and what do they do?
8/17/2005 7:57:18 PM

(posted: 12/27/2005 6:42:35 AM) Sell them to Rinaldo. He'll give you money for them.

How do you beat the mirage skeletons in section 1f of Pagoda on the Moon in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence?
2/27/2006 10:57:11 AM

(posted: 7/27/2006 2:25:42 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: Of all the skeletons in this room, the only way to defeat them is to kill one skeleton in particular. Try to attack the only skeleton that is walking away from you. Once you kill that one, all the others will die.

wher can i fine the whip of ice and the whip of vampire killer
2/26/2006 3:47:17 PM

(posted: 8/8/2006 1:03:26 AM) Answer Courtesy of fat joe: you can find the whip of  vampire killer after you beat all the bases and monsters, then you go to the door were you have to fight walter , you will start talking to him and after that yu'll be transported to rinaldo's place and he'll give u the whip. i dont know about the ice whip i'm trying to find out where it is

how do i find the whip of ice and the whip of vampire killers
4/26/2006 2:01:48 AM

(posted: 8/10/2006 7:06:53 PM) Answer Courtesy of crystal huskey AZ: This Helps About Finding Stuff The Ice Whip Is Listed There As Well.

How do you fight the monster in the BF1 of the castle
4/9/2006 5:08:48 PM

(posted: 8/29/2006 7:51:31 AM) Answer Courtesy of Daddy 2006:

You will need the unlock jewel to unlock the prison of the monster in the BF1

its in the second floor of Pagoda(last stage in the game)

How do you get the keys in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence?
9/5/2005 8:57:22 PM

(posted: 10/27/2006 6:03:11 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: By killing five bosses. In order to get to the last boss you must kill the bosses to unlock the seal on the door that leads to the final boss.

Where is the IV tablet in Castlevania?
9/23/2005 4:46:47 PM

(posted: 3/6/2007 5:44:34 PM) Answer Courtesy of Synth The Kitten:

Received after completing a puzzle in Pagoda of the
Misty Moon.

On the second floor, take the east corridor, which leads to a circular hallway
with the 'VI' Tablet. Return to the corridor with the stairwell and head west.
In the room with six columns, you can take the south exit for the Save Room and
a device for flipping the 'VI' Tablet to a 'IV' Tablet. Return to the room with
the six columns. You must light all six within 20 seconds of each other. I use
this order - 1. the column nearest to the south door, 2. the column next to the
stairs, 3. the column in front of the stairs, 4. the column to the right of the
previous one, 5. the uppermost column, and 6. the column nearest to the blocked

thanks to Joy Tsiao

What do I do to make Medusa show up? all walkthroughs say the same thing, but everytime I enter Medusa's room, nothing happens. I though you just had to walk in the room and she would show off, but that's not what is happening.
3/2/2006 2:59:13 PM

(posted: 3/8/2007 4:35:59 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: To get the Whip of Ice you must beat the Ice Elemental,which is in the Dark Palace of Waterfalls.When you kill the boss,the whip will spawn on the centre of the room.To get the Vampire Killer,you must destroy all the five bosses (Undead Parasite,Medusa,Golem,Succubus and Joachim Armster)and enter in the door in the Castle Entrance that before was locked.You´ll enter in the Pagoda of the Misty Moon.A cutscene will trigger and you´ll receive the Vampire Killer whip,the most powerful weapon in the game.

what is the manphy code?
5/5/2007 2:21:23 PM

(posted: 5/29/2007 7:32:39 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: P8M2 -- 9D6F -- 43H7

how do i get the missing characters on x-men 2
6/21/2006 1:16:56 AM

(posted: 3/28/2008 9:46:12 AM) Answer Courtesy of VoiceOfREason: Start by playing the game.  They will come.

how do i get a car on the sims deluxe edition
6/12/2006 5:35:15 PM
I'm currently playing Castlevania Lament of Innocence and have reached the Ghostly Theater. I am trying to reach the second floor but always find myself back on the first. The game I have is not original. Can you please help me reach the second floor? I've tried everything but I still can't!! :'(
3/31/2007 9:24:10 AM

(posted: 6/28/2008 7:36:21 PM) Answer Courtesy of Elisabetha: If U haven't already found it by scouring the first floor.....ckecking the map will help U. The second floor is located on the first floor room with stairs leading up. There should be a save chamber to the right after U climb the fleet of stairs. P.S. There should be 2 phantoms gaurding the stairs. Thats how U know ur going the right way. :)

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