Super Glob
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  • Action - Maze / Ladder (example - Pac Man)
  • 1983
  • 1-2
  • high score save
  • 7
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6  |  More Likely A "Passable", Rather Than A "Super" Glob
Darryl B. , 1/4/2006 10:20:14 PM
Being another one in a series of reviews that I'm doing from when a friend sent me a bunch of ROMs several months ago, Super Glob is an interesting twist on the Pac-Man genre (and was one of the ROMs that I got). Actually there aren't a lot of similarities anyway -- you look somewhat like one of the Pac-Man monsters, and what you eat are like the bonus foods found in Pac-Man, and that's about it -- but the inevitable comparison definitely comes to mind.

Being better than Bum Slob Glob, Average Glob, and Ma and Pa Glob -- but perhaps not as cool as Glob Theft Auto -- you, as the Super Glob, must eat all the food in a level (of course) before advancing to the next one. Moving the controller makes your Glob hop along in pursuit of the food, and pressing the summon elevator button to get to the next floor of food ends pretty much all of the similarities between Glob and you're able to jump too, as I think THE only one of the approximately 827 Pac-Man arcade games that had Pac-Man jump was the 3-D version of Pac-Mania.

Making Super Glob jump allows him to stick to the ceiling, and releasing the jump button will allow him to pounce on his enemies of the gator, monkey, frog, pig, and bunny (oh no, watch out for them evil bunny rabbits! They must have come straight from Monty Python and The Holy Grail! But no Holy Hand Grenade in this game!), should you time it right. I'll bet car trips with the Glob family were reeeeal fun too, with the kids:

Sister Glob: MOM! Jerry's teasing me again!

Jerry Glob (on car ceiling, stretching towards sister): I'm gonna pounce on you! (retracts) Now I'm not! (reaches downward again) I'm nooooooooot going to pounce on you...

Father Glob: Don't make me come back there.

Ok, well...anyway, yeah, you can pounce on your enemies. However, the A. I. is pretty decent, and a lot of times you can't predict when the bad animals are going to pass underneath or suddenly turn away, and having them touch you after you've landed (and not squashed them) will cost you a life, of course. You can also squish them with an elevator though, which is always fun and fulfilling too, but it won't be long before they reappear in the maze again (also of course).

This game had a lot of promise, but unfortunately the publisher of Epos (whom I had never heard of, until now) only made three games before biting the dust, so it's not like they were real versed in making severely polished, killer games that made you want to come back to them again and again. Super Glob gets too hard too fast (enemies start moving really fast in no time at all -- in just a few levels -- and it's not much fun after that), plus the graphics weren't very good, and the sounds were annoying as well. However, the game had over 20 levels (doubt many people could get through them all, though), gave you a bonus for energy remaining at the end of a level, and had some pretty neatly-designed screens, with multiple elevators and how the screens were divided up and all, and figuring out what best way to divide and conquer screens in the fastest way possible so you could get the most bonus points makes you think, rather than this just ending up being a twitch game.

Super Glob is probably a very rare board to get your hands on today (I'd never seen one myself, although for some reason the name DOES seem familiar though), since, according to it's entry on the klov, there was never a dedicated cabinet made for the game, it was just a board conversion for Pac-Man. Oh well, at least it was obvious where the idea was borrowed from, and then added to, with the elevators and all.

Oh, and there's no Glob Theft Auto, of course. (But there might have been if the company was able to survive long enough in the business.) 6/10

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