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Ask The Community

In China, what is the formula for the vials in Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego
9/13/2005 8:54:45 PM

(posted: 8/3/2006 4:52:19 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: 4 dragon, 6 rabbit, 2 snake

What is the formula in China?
6/4/2006 10:49:37 AM

(posted: 8/15/2007 7:11:57 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously:

4 for the dragon

6 for the rabbit

2 for the snake

How do you find the quipus--the knotted string--in Peru? I have yet to play the the panpipes. I have them and the instructions but I cannot find the last item needed. Also, when I use the flashlight in the Netherlands, the windmill is empty. (I'm guessing this is where the quipus will be after playing the panpipes.)
1/29/2007 10:41:50 PM

(posted: 3/12/2009 12:41:19 PM)

no, you can get the piece of paper from the windmill before playing the pipes. i am also stuck on the pipes, and cannot play them. i can nly look at it in my item information. the peice of paper in the windmill is in the rafters holding up the roof. if it is not there then you need to collect more information. maybe from greece in the pots, or from somewhere else. i cannot be sure just now but i no that u can get the paper before the pipes. if you can play the pipes tell me how u did because it is killing me trying!

what do I do at the part in the Netherlands? I use my flashlight and the windmill is empty.
4/3/2009 4:24:08 PM

(posted: 4/3/2015 7:10:10 AM)

 The note is wedged between the wood beams on the right side of the room