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6  |  Quest For Something Or Other
Darryl B. , 12/29/2005 12:01:07 AM
Back when B. C.'s Quest for Tires came out, there wasn't really anything else like the game at all: scrollers were still fairly new (as was the video game industry, and it's still considered to be fairly young nowadays too, as we close out 2005), there wasn't exactly many games that were based on a popular comic strip (as was the caveman/dinosaur-set B. C. was), and there especially weren't many games that looked like a cartoon either, except for several laserdisc arcade games, like Dragon's Lair (which Coleco had promised they would make their own laserdisc add-on for the Colecovision, complete with Dragon's Lair, for only $150; bah HA HA HA! Good old Coleco, near-king of vaporware, probably only second to Atari!).

In this game, you control one of the B. C. characters, Thor, riding on the stone wheel contraption (kind of like a unicycle, I guess) that they used for transportation back in those days (and in the strip), dodging and jumping various obstacles and all. You hop over rocks and holes, jump stalactites, duck under stalagmites (or is that the other way around?), jump on turtles, duck under the Fat Chick's club (note: I'm not being un-P. C. to the overweight population, that's just the name of the character), jump gorges, and more.

The buttons on the joystick increase or decrease your speed, which at times this game becomes a puzzle to figure out what speed is needed to pass whatever obstacle; do it wrong, and, during certain deaths, Thor will give you this look (like "you BONEHEAD!") before comically wiping out. The controls also actually work really well on this game, even with the (usually dreaded) Colecovision controllers.

Unfortunately, once you're able to make it to the end, the game will start over, but it's more difficult the second (or more) time around, and it starts getting less fun then as it gets more difficult. The game's worth having, though, just as long as you don't pay too much for it nowadays.

My only question is, where's this "quest for tires"? Is there an ending, when you actually find the tires? I thought the rounds always ended with you rescuing the Cute Chick before starting back over at the beginning again. 6/10

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