Spike Hoppin'
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Codes & Cheats

hidden game
Darryl B. , 1/11/2005 7:27:04 PM
On the Spike Hoppin' title screen, hold down buttons 1 and 3, and then press 4 to access the hidden game.
infinite lives and level skip
Darryl B. , 1/11/2005 7:32:12 PM
Start a game, but DON'T score any points; jump off the top platform so you won't land on any others. Do this until you have one life left, then hold down button 4 and jump; afterwards, to skip to the next level, press button 1, plus you have infinite lives.
Voyager fly-by
Darryl B. , 1/18/2005 9:00:42 PM
When the copyright screen appears, hold down buttons 1, 2 and 4 until Voyager appears.
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