007 James Bond: NightFire
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7  |  007 Hit or Miss???
ReporterJrummer , 7/24/2003 4:29:32 AM
Yet another game in the FPS genre has made it to the stockpile of games made and able to hold the title of 007. The creators of 007 games have given us great first-person shooter games in the past--have the let us down this time?

Well, first let me point out a few of the major flaws in this game. Normally a 007 game would have many action-packed and fun skill-testing levels; they didn't let me down on the action and skill-testing, but there is a major lack to the amount of levels. Yes, the levels are twice as bad as any old game, and car driving adds to the fun this time too, but there just weren't enough; they leave you thinking, "there's got to be more to it!"

Second, the people in the game are very well made and look close to life-like, but there aren’t enough player choices. For example, in the multiplayer mode, you now cannot pit teammate against teammate. You've got two whole handfuls of features and add-ins to indulge in, yet Bond cannot shoot or go against Christmas.

Closing on a high note, I believe that 007 James Bond: Nightfire made a huge achievement in it's 3-D gameplay, with undeniably cool graphics and effects, amazing levels, and challenging missions. This time 007’s creators spit out a winner--they get a 7 out of 10.

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