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Gameplay / Overview
Addams Family is a side scrolling platformer for the Genesis. It was published by Flying Edge.

Addams Family is a commonly available game for the Genesis. It shouldn't be too difficult to find this game for purchase. In good condition, the game is worth about $6.00. Addams Family was released in 1993.

Story / Plot / Characters

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Fight the Final Boss
larsoncc , 12/26/2002 5:42:29 PM
BLKX8 is the password to fight the final boss.
Get extra lives
larsoncc , 12/26/2002 5:42:29 PM
At the Continue or Quit screen, move to the left side. There's a secret room that you'll enter which contains 4 lives.
Go to Pugsly's Den
larsoncc , 12/26/2002 5:42:29 PM
Go inside the mansion, and move left. There is a door to a room, which you can push Up to enter. There are extra lives in the room.
Where is the room which has the extra lives? Can u tell me exactly where it is because i cant find it
8/16/2009 2:12:59 PM

(posted: 4/16/2012 4:36:42 PM)

There are lots of 1ups hidden throughout this game, a rundown of a few of the rooms can be found at YouTube.