• Publisher:
  • Developer:
  • Genre:
  • Release Date:
  • Players:
  • Save Feature:
  • Rarity:
  • Price:
  • Rating:
  • Imagic
  • Imagic
  • Action - Shooter - General, Other
  • 1983
  • 1
  • ?
  • 5
  • $40.00
  • ?


Gameplay / Overview
Atlantis is a shooter for the Odyssey^2, and is a single player experience. It was published by Imagic.

Atlantis is not commonly available, and may be somewhat difficult for a collector to aquire. In good condition, the game is worth about $40.00. Atlantis was released in 1983.

Story / Plot / Characters

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The DS has gone completely insane this week. Following a week of "games for girls", we have a week of inexplicable titles like "Johnny Bravo: Date-O-Rama!" and "Imagine: Boutique Owner". I don't know who either of these titles is catering to - I can "imagine" a better calling than retail monkey at this point in my life (thank God), and Johnny Bravo is what, a dating sim? Not to mention that there are THREE titles featuring a character called Crazy Chicken, and one game which... trains... you... to... walk. LOL. WUT.
(5/25/2009 9:37:11 PM)
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