Action 52
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Gameplay / Overview
Action 52 is a compilation of games for the NES, which can be played by 1 or 2 people. It was published by Active Enterprises.

Action 52 is not commonly available, and may be somewhat difficult for a collector to aquire. In good condition, the game is worth about $40.00. Action 52 was released in 1991.

Story / Plot / Characters

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Versions, History, Notes


(submitted by: JAnderson ), 1/13/2005 11:17:17 PM (edit)
There are at least 2 PCB versions of this game. 023-N507 REV. A has all 72 pins on the board. 023-N507 REV. B removes the pins which aren't used. Hard to say if any changes were made, though games which are reported not to work on a console do work on my REV. B copy, so something may have been fixed.  

(submitted by: JAnderson ), 2/22/2005 11:47:45 PM (edit)
Yes, changes exist. REV A features a few games which will not load, and a better likelihood of random crashes. REV B fixes these problems.  

Main Menu
Action 52 box
Action 52 manual
Action 52 cartridge. The case is clear and the label has a transparent background.
Action 52 "Cheetahmen" pack-in comic book.